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7 Things You Can Do At Zuma Rock Resort

About a year ago (does the Bobby Shmurda dance) I went to Abuja with my friends and we stayed at Zuma Rock Resort.

It is so named because of it's proximity and the views it offers of the rock which might I add is great. Some say it's in Abuja and some say it's in Niger state. Whatever you choose doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's a place you should definitely check out.

I had actually never heard of the place before but my girl and I were feening for some sort of vacation to shake off the lock down blues. She shared a couple of pictures that she had found on Instagram (best app to find everything) and I was convinced.

We were 7 adults (yes yes, it ended up being a full blown friend's trip) and a child so we booked 3 standard rooms and a deluxe room. Rates start from N35,000 a night.

A standard room

After spending 3 days and 2 nights, I can confidently tell you that even if you have no Abuja tours lined up, you can occupy yourself in the resort and below are my top 7 things you can do while there.

1. Have a picnic

We knew we were going to do this the moment we saw some images on Instagram. Normally, both in-house and walk in guests were allowed to have picnics on the grounds. Walk-in guests pay a fee while it's free for in-house guests. However, when we went, only in-house guests were allowed; my guess is that it had to do with pandemic and limiting access of people in the hotel to the 'outside world'. As at the time of visiting, for the picnic, you're allowed to bring your own food even if you stay in the hotel and that's exactly what we did.

Even though there was a slight drizzle when we were setting up for our picnic, it ended up being perfect and was a nice way to while away time. Off course after a while we worried the rain would come back so we packed up our stuff and ducked for cover.

2. Play Golf

I don't play golf but if that's your thing then this will be right up your alley. The resort has golfing facilities and membership rates available if you like them enough to become a regular there. Even if you don't play, it's an opportunity to learn, who knows you might have an inner Tiger Woods.

If you go there with a golfer, be prepared to be on your own throughout your stay because golfers are known to have no problem spending all day everyday on the golf course. The other option is to pray they never find out (good luck with that).

Just because I'm not a golfer doesn't mean I can't pose in a caddy

3. Go searching for Deers/Ducks

If you go with little humans aka children, this is something you can do with them. This was something my friend's daughter enjoyed immensely. She made sure we chased the ducks and Deers because in her words, we had to catch one.

At Zuma rock resorts, they roam freely and if you're especially lucky, you'll be able too get up close and personal with the Deers but as always, exercise caution. They also have horses but we didn't see them.

4. Have games night under the outside shed

This was probably the highlight of our stay. We were here every evening playing games, dancing, eating and so much more. If you go with friends this is something you should definitely do. It's a great way to wind down before going to bed. Don't forget to take your own games, speakers etc (We also took our own snacks although we ordered dinner from the resort's restaurant).

5. Spend your day at the pool getting tanned

We didn't get to do this because on the first day, it rained and the next day there was pool party happening. The pool isn't large but if you're there and end up lucky then this should be on your list, plus it has Zuma rock as it's back drop so you can have pictures that pop!

6. Go bicycle riding

If you can't ride a bicycle then this isn't for you (sorry). The resort has bicycles that you can use to cycle round the premises. Its a great way to visit all the sites on the premises as opposed to walking and definitely much faster. Besides a little work out ain't ever kill nobody right?

7. Have a photoshoot/picture taking session.

This one speaks for itself. Can't go to a resort with great views and not indulge in a taking pictures. Besides if you don't give it to them how will they take it? Besides, more importantly, pictures are a great way to keep memories alive.

We got some great shots at the resort and every time I look at them, I'm reminded of how much fun we had especially as it was fresh out of lockdown.

The rain started but we had to get those fire shots

And there you have it folks, 7 things you can indulge in if you ever visit Zuma Rock Resort, while I'm sure there's more to do, these things were what I got up to.

Have you ever been to Zuma Rock Resort? If yes, how was it and what did you do? If no, will you be visiting?


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David Johnson
David Johnson
Dec 30, 2022

What a great informative blog. I really like this blog and I’m also going to recommend it to other people

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The next time I visit Abuja I will check out Zuma Rock Resort, spend a night and have a picnic to take pictures for the gram and memories of course 😁😉 Thanks for sharing 👍🏽

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