A Boutique Hotel & A Christmas Party

About a week ago *insert schmoney dance*, my dept at my 9-5 decided they wanted a Christmas party before our company’s main one.

Adna Hotel was the venue of choice. Adna is a boutique hotel with 20 rooms, but they are currently in the middle of adding more to bring it up to a total of 50 rooms. It is in GRA Ikeja which also means it’s not too far from the airport for travellers.

Besides, what’s the point of tourism if there’s no place to lay your head?

My colleagues and I had to go check out the place and make sure everything was set for the party.

One thing I noticed is the area is peaceful and tranquil. Probably because it is GRA. Also, they do not have a signboard so except you know the address, you could very well mistaken it for another house on the street.

While we were waiting for their manager Chinyere to come and meet us, we were asked to wait in a small room which would probably be a lobby in a bigger hotel. My only complaint was it was slightly dark.

While they were waiting, I wandered about (as usual) and ended up in their restaurant.

They remind me of the 3 stooges. LOL

The manager finally came out and took us to the pool side where we would be having our party.

Before you get to the swimming pool, you pass the VIP lounge which is small and cosy. The thing about boutique hotels is that they try to offer personalised services. This means everything is smaller than you would get in a medium-big hotel.

When we got to the pool side, we hashed out the tiny details and then I was left to my own devices.

The various angles of the swimming pool. Can you see the uncompleted building at the back? That’s for the 30 extra rooms and a gym.

Changing room for pool users.

Speaking of gyms, since they currently don’t have one, they have a cycling machine by the pool for people interested. 

The pool side bar

They also have a conference room, but I couldn’t get pictures as they had a seminar inside. Their conference room also comes with a projector in case you were wondering.

The rotary club also has their meetings there.

The manager was nice enough to show me one of their basic rooms. She said the room rates start from N22,000 (78GBP/$123).

The rooms are quite small, but if you want a bigger room, of course you’ll pay a higher rate.

We then decided to grab a quick bite to eat. Unfortunately I forgot to get a before picture.

An after picture of my meal. I really liked that couch, it was very comfy. I thought their meal that day was just ok, but on the day of our party, the food was much better by a mile.

After filling our bellies, I had a mini photoshoot. 🙂

Then I just took random pictures of the place.

One of the offices. 

Fast forward to the day of the party, I took pictures to show you how the pool side was set up.

And then we found out that they had a quiet back area where guests could come out and just read or just sit around.

Can you guess which one of the pictures is me?

The party was great, and the manager kept coming out to make sure everything and everyone was fine. I also had no complaints about the Dj, and considering how much pressure the waiters had on them, they were fantastic.

So if you’re looking for a quiet, serene place to stay whether you’re a visitor or you just need to getaway from home, Adna hotel isn’t a bad place to check out.

Another plus for travellers is that they are close to the airport.

They offer everything you would get at a regular sized hotel including wi-fi. Only difference is they are smaller, and they say good things come in small packages.

Score 7.5/10

Adna hotel can be found at No 48, Ladipo Bateye Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

*GRA – Government Residential Area

For more information, you can visit their website here.

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