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A Boutique Hotel & A Christmas Party

About a week ago *insert schmoney dance*, my dept at my 9-5 decided they wanted a Christmas party before our company’s main one.

Adna Hotel was the venue of choice. Adna is a boutique hotel with 20 rooms, but they are currently in the middle of adding more to bring it up to a total of 50 rooms. It is in GRA Ikeja which also means it’s not too far from the airport for travellers.

Besides, what’s the point of tourism if there’s no place to lay your head?


My colleagues and I had to go check out the place and make sure everything was set for the party.

One thing I noticed is the area is peaceful and tranquil. Probably because it is GRA. Also, they do not have a signboard so except you know the address, you could very well mistaken it for another house on the street.








While we were waiting for their manager Chinyere to come and meet us, we were asked to wait in a small room which would probably be a lobby in a bigger hotel. My only complaint was it was slightly dark.