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Agodi Gardens | Oke – Ado Mountain


Where we went 

Agodi Gardens – It’s a zoological garden and a botanical garden mixed in one. It also has facilities for kids, a swimming pool, donkey rides, a picnic area and more. The zoo area could do better and also needs proper maintenance but it’s a great place to hang out for the day.

Oke-Ado Mountain (Ado Awaye Mountain) –  A mountain located in the sleepy town Ado Awaye town. It is home to an Elephant tree (because the tree looks like an Elephant), Ishage Rock (a rock standing without support), footprints of the ancients, and Iyake lake (one of the two hanging lakes in the world).

Aim – Explore Agodi Gardens, conquer Oke-Ado Mountain and have a barbecue while on it.

Accommodation – A Three hotel in Ibadan.


Source – Amarachi of


Source – Amarachi of

The Good

  1. The trip was great and we had a lot of fun.

  2. We conquered Oke-Ado Mountain despite the ‘treacherous’ terrain

  3. Agodi Gardens

  4. We made it to Ibadan in good time

  5. We had a BBQ on the mountain as crazy and as impossible as it seemed.

  6. Everyone who came on the trip was truly amazing.

  7. The BBQ

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The Bad & Ugly

  1. We got back to Lagos really late due to traffic.

  2. Our gas cylinder didn’t fit with the head we brought along so we couldn’t use the grill. This in turned threatened the bbq happening till we found another way.

  3. The lack of proper tour guides at Oke-Ado Mountain

  4. The lack of govt presence at the site especially as it is said to be the home to one of the two hanging lakes in the world.

  5. Haggling with the ‘guides’ on how much to accept (as this is based on tourists discretion)

  6. At the beginning of our stay, the staff at the hotel were not very ‘friendly’

  7. Someone came an hour late so we didn’t leave at the stated time


Pic Cred – Amarachi of

The verdicts

What did you think of the organisation?

  1. Some hiccups here and there, but overall pretty good.

  2. Organisation as in the company: I love Unravelling Nigeria, of course I think it’s excellent! Organisation (logistics) of the trip itself was good. Late arrival to Lagos was beyond the company’s control.

  3. Pretty cool considering it was meant to be a chilled thing. Any more organised and it would have been too strict and any more less would have been too complacent. Right balance.

  4. Great as always


Source – Amarachi of


What did you think of the location?

  1. Agodi Gardens was a blast. Beautiful scenery, fun water slide and enjoyed the park plane carousel ride. The hanging lake was quite a serene environment and the climb was adventurous.

  2. I liked the combined trip to Agodi Park and Oke-Ado. Oke-Ado might have been excellent if we had better guides.

  3. Location was good. Hotel could have acted better but it’s Nigeria so…

  4. I loved the location..I for some strange reason preferred Idanre Hills though


What was your experience of the trip like?

  1. Good people, good fun, awesome beverages, can’t ask for more apart from solving Naija’s traffic wahala.

  2. Fun, relaxing, challenging (climbing the hill). It was good value for money.

  3. I had fun tho, it was refreshing and I met new people.

  4. I enjoyed every bit of it. When you can have fun with people you have not met before.. great


What did you like?

  1. The people, the park. I actually enjoyed the hike even though it was arduous.

  2. The company, the food, the hike up the hill….

  3. The mountain climbing and the people.

  4. I love the maturity and the fact that everyone blended well


What were your dislikes?

  1. TRAFFIC!!!!

  2. Goody bag was smaller. 😦 (The Idanre Hills trip spoilt me) – *We’re sorry, we’ll be bigger and better next trip.

  3. Road trips aren’t my best moments

  4. Nothing in your control – the traffic


Source – Amarachi of


What would you like us to improve on?

  1. Logistics is always a beep!!! That can always get better.

  2. Standardization of knowledgeable tour site guides. (and porters, the guys who helped us carry our stuff up the hill *if necessary).

  3. More social programs within the trip

  4. There should be a tour guide, not just some random person when we get there (*Nigerian govt/Oyo State take note)


Would you join our next trip?

  1. Where are we going? I’m in.

  2. YES!

  3. Def

  4. Yes!


Would you recommend us?

  1. I recommend Unravelling Nigeria, you won’t regret it.

  2. Absolutely

  3. Def

  4. Sure… already do that


Any other comments?

  1. Keep up the good work.

  2. You all did well. Best weekend last month.

  3. Thank you for this…

Thank you to everyone that came, we loved hosting you. As always we can only get better. Thank you to Ibukun  and Amarachi for the awesome pictures.

Have you ever been to either of these places? What was your experience?


Things to note
  1. Entry fee into Agodi Gardens is N500. To make use of other facilities in the garden such as the pool, rides etc you pay N500 per facility.

  2. There’s no entry fee for Oke-Ado Mountain but you have to settle the ‘guides’ you meet there.

  3. Oke-Ado Mountain is about an hour and a half’s drive from Ibadan

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