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Agodi Gardens | Photo Diary

Located in Ibadan, Agodi Gardens is a delightful park that offers a serene getaway with some activities to indulge in. Sitting on 150 acres, it is a favorite for families especially on the weekends and during public holidays. Music blaring, different stalls selling food, a restaurant, kids playground, a barbeque stand and a couple of activities make it an ideal spot to spend the day.



Although the zoo (and most of the garden) is under construction, it is a major attraction in the zoo. This zoo features lions, crocodiles and a few monkeys. I was a bit worried about the enclosure the Lions were kept in and I thought children were getting a bit to close to it. Perhaps a more sturdier cage can be made for them.


There is a water park that has a swimming pool and a water slide (the water slide is all shades of fun). There are 3 pools – the adult pool, one for children and one which the water slide descends into. This section of the park closes at 6pm but the attendant there was kind enough to let us stay on for about 30 minutes as we got there late.


Rides? They also have that too and I think if I remember properly, the attendant mentioned that it runs on water and I thought that was really cool. Being the big kids that we are, we had to get on it.


The kids can also ride the donkeys available around the park. Most of us worried we may be a bit too heavy for the poor donkeys and decided to spare them the trauma.


If all of them don’t tickle your fancy, you can just pack a picnic basket and make it a day out in the sun. You can also have gatherings/small parties on the picnic grounds; just ensure you call ahead to know what is needed.


The only thing I think Agodi Gardens is missing is accommodation. When you go there, for most people there’s a feeling of not wanting to leave and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some chalets on ground. (I hear this is in the works)

Most of the grounds are still being worked on so there’s still more to come. A spa, golf course, promenade, an events hall and a forestry walkway are apparently in its future. However, the landscape right now is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what is in store for it.

With just N500 ($1.6) to access the grounds, it’s not a bad way to spend the day and if Lagos is your starting point, you can do it in a day as long as you set off early.

Note: To go on the rides and to get on the water slides a separate cost is required. The water park costs N1000 ($3.18) and the ride cost N500 ($1.6).

Parking is available so you don’t have to worry about that.


Have you ever been to Agodi Gardens? What did you think about it?

Planning a trip there? Here’s what you need. Park opening times Monday – Thursday : 10:00a.m – 8:00p.m Friday – Sat: 10:00a.m – 9:00p.m Sunday: 12 noon – 9:00p.m Address Parliament Road Ibadan, Oyo State Telephone +234 705 141 7973, +234 708 899 3313, +234 809 811 4510, +234 805 854 3483, +234 816 293 7178, +234 8099003009, +234 803 309 8286 (No idea why they have so many numbers). E-mail

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