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Another Nigerian ‘Zoo’ | University of Ilorin Zoo

The University of Ilorin Zoo

Yes I know. ANOTHER ‘zoo’ in Nigeria. It could be in much better conditions but we’ll get there. First check out what it looks like in the video below.


The only thing more annoying than being told you’re not allowed to take pictures is being told you have to pay a fee to take your camera into a tourist attraction. Sometimes the camera ‘fee’ is decent and other times it’s better to leave that camera in your car and use your phone!

This was the case when we got to the University of Ilorin but luckily, our security chaperone during the trip had worked at this zoo before and was able to get us in without engaging in fist fights about the camera. (All images taken by Travel With A Pen)


Because we’re happy!


The University of Ilorin has a zoo that has definitely seen better days but I have a soft spot for it because I saw a Leopard for the first time there (don’t judge me).

The zoo boasts of Lions, a Leopard, Primates, a Giraffe, Donkeys, ducks, African Civet Cats, Birds, Mongooses, a Camel and an Ostrich. While it’s always interesting to see various animals, we couldn’t help but feel that the living conditions of these animals could be better. There were broken fences, dirty cubicles and more. Some even looked hungry and sad. The zoo almost seemed like a wide expanse of land that had animals trapped in it.


Watchu looking at?


Chimps chilling


During our visit, there were quite a lot of people there so it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty popular spot. The highlight for us however was the canopy walk. It’s not as high or as long as the one at the Lekki Conservation Center but going on any canopy walk is always a thrill.


The canopy walk goes from one end of the zoo to the other so you see the animals beneath you (no you will not fall into the jaws of the lions). The canopy is not as sturdy as its Lagos counterpart but one major difference is you can get down at any of the rest stops if you get tired.


View from a part of the canopy walk


I loved going on it. I pretty much ‘ran’ across it and waved at everyone below.

I think zoos in Nigeria can do more to elevate the experience when people visit. Maybe guides talking in detail about the animals, watch the zoo keepers in action etc.


Trying to eat in peace


The zoo also needs more park benches or a designated picnic area and a snack shop would be great. Walking round can be tiring and sometimes people will need to sit and catch their breath.

The visit to the zoo was not in the initial itinerary but I’m glad we made it down.

Did you know there was zoo in the University of Ilorin?




*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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