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ARTful Dodger

We are going to kick the week off with an art gallery

I have to be honest with you, I had no idea we had art galleries here. So there I was researching and I stumbled on a couple. Who would have ‘thunk’ it. I quickly drew up a list and the first place I decided to check out was the Nimbus Art Gallery.

Nimbus Art Gallery is a modern day art gallery located in Ikoyi, Lagos which houses contemporary African art. It is located above Bogobiri Restaurant (the same person owns both) which also has a guest house. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. There are so many definitions of what contemporary African art is or should be, so I went there with a clear mind and really wasn’t sure what to expect.

They offer art evaluations, auctioning services and advisory services.

When we got there (as usual I dragged someone along), the first thing we saw was a little store. It’s called ‘hole in the wall’. They sell little knick knacks, which do not necessarily relate to African Art. I think the general idea was just to have a little store where people can pick up random things.



I later noticed the top of the entrance. Danfo body parts are used to decorate the top of hole in the wall. How creative is that?(Danfo is a local form of transportation in Lagos).



Beyonce and Tupac fans, you can always go to hole in the wall to buy this and hang up on your wall.




Like I said, the little knick knacks are not really African related but they are things you can put up on a fridge or a mantle. When we were done looking around, we asked the lady there where the art gallery itself was and she showed us the stairs leading up to it. It’s on the first floor. Hones