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Baeless? We gatchu!

It’s almost Valentine’s day and while we all know what the day is about, I think we’re being a little bit selfish to the singletons out there.

Tired of reading all the posts telling couples what to do this vals day weekend?

Don’t worry, no one is going to laugh at you if they see you treating yourself or friends for valentines day.



Single people need love too and I’m here to help you out. Grab a couple of your friends or family and make it a fun weekend, or you can make it a solo trip (I do a lot of things myself as it’s a great way to meet people). Infact, maybe you’ll meet bae while you’re at it.

So what can you do this weekend?

  1. Pack a bag and head to the beach.

If you live in Lagos, you know there are quite a few beaches around. From La Campagne Tropicana to Eleko Beach, you are spoiled for choice. Get some food, pack your boom box, grab a couple of friends and before you know it, you’re having a mini beach party. Nothing beats a lazy day at the beach with nothing but sand, the sun and the ocean giving you a much deserved break.


2.  Go on a tour.

No better time to go on a tour than this long weekend. Infact you’re sure to avoid bumping into couples while you’re touring the sights around the country as this is not a ‘thing’ when celebrating valentines day. You can either go on your own or make this a group activity. Whatever you decide, at least you’ll be keeping busy not sitting down home alone. Some places to check out are Erin Ijesha (some of my friends are going this weekend, send a message if you would like to join), Olumo Rock or you could join the Lekki Conservation Tour coming up on the 13th.

3. Pamper yourself

Self love is the best love. Treat yourself to that much needed spa date, go shopping and buy yourself something nice to wear or a new book to read. No boo to spend your money on, then spend it on yourself for that day. You can also find a quiet restaurant to dine in. I’m the queen of eating out on my own. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but the point is to show love to yourself. You can check out B natural Spa for your spa date or Iconola for your shopping experience. I like double four and its my favorite place to eat alone.

4. Go to/Throw a paint party!!

This weekend, I went to a ‘paint party’ with my brother. Paint the Night Africa is a new innovation (ok they’re a year old), currently in Lagos where a group of people sign up to have painting classes for the day and you get to go home with your masterpiece. They hold them at different locations and you can sip cocktails (on your tab), while painting. It was such a fun day and I made friends while showing off my artistic side. Alternatively, you can hold a small paint party for you and your friends. They can organise something special fro you. Just tell them where and when, and they’ll be there. Check them out here.


5. Get a dose of adrenaline rush

From GET ARENA to Leisure lake, you can get your weekly dosage of adrenaline. This is especially fun when you go with your friends. Leisure lake offers quad bikes, water sports and so much more including a picnic area where you can get some food. At GET Arena, you get a chance to be a formula 1 driver and its such a thrill trying to get to complete your laps and get to the finish line.


You don’t have to be bored and lonely on valentines day because there are so many things you can do by yourself, with friends and family. You can thank me later.

For the couples among you unravellers, check naija nomads out for things you can do with your boos.

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