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Beach Bum | Reasons To Visit Inagbe Resort

It’s ‘Throwback Thursday so I’ll be giving you a couple of reasons to visit Inagbe Resort based on my trip there almost a year couple of months ago. I went there courtesy of Naija Nomads. To read my detailed review on it, click here.


It is no secret that Lagos is dotted with beaches therefore what sets them apart are the ‘whats’, ‘whens’ and ‘hows’?

Inagbe resort is a private, rustic island that serves as the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Lagos albeit expensive. Anything that allows you forget about Lagos even just for a minute is usually a great idea cause as we all know, this is one stressful city. It can only be accessed by boat and is really just a sight to behold.


Inagbe can either be visited as a one day trip or an overnight trip. Various chalets/room types are available to meet your accommodation needs. Available on the resort are:

  1. Horses

  2. Quad bikes

  3. 2 swimming pools

  4. A beach front at the rear,

  5. A kids play ground

  6. Live music in the evening

  7. A mini golf range.

  8. Beach Soccer

  9. Beach Volleyball

  10. Lawn/table tennis

  11. Football pitch

  12. Basketball court

  13. A spa

  14. Restaurant/bar

You’re sure to find something to do while you’re there. If you’re like me, you can choose to be lazy and just lie in a beach chair and watch the day go by.


Looking for a special and unique place for your events? They could be the answer. You could have a beach wedding, birthdays, parties, honeymoon, concerts (they were setting up for one while we were there), you name it. Give them a call, tell them what you have in mind and they’ll sort you out. When we went, it was a painting by the beach ‘staycation’. They provided us with a spot for our artistic side and also gave us lunch for a fee.


Inagbe has its own currency and this is done to reduce theft on the property. You can’t spend your regular naira there. When you arrive and head to the reception, you exchange your money and carry on with your spending. Guess who the face on the bill is? My personal person and the the swag king himself – The Ooni of Ife.


We couldn’t check out the rooms as they were undergoing renovation along with other areas of the resort. I suspect that they should be done by now and it’s in much better shape than when we visited.

Despite the work going on, it was still a delightful visit running around, eating and playing games. I would suggest taking quad bikes from the floating restaurant to the beach as the trek is quite a long one.


Cost & Contact

Access to the facility – N8,000 ($40)

Transportation to & fro (if they arrange it for you) – N36,000 ($180)

A night stay in a standard room – N45,000 ($577)


Resort Office: Inagbe Grand Resorts & Leisure’s Administrative Office, By the VIP Jetty, Inagbe Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Pick up Point: Lagos State Ragatta Jetty, Opposite Stat Oil Company, Along Queens Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Corporate Head Office: Plot 33A Jay Jay Oladimeji Street, Ikate Round-about, Lekki, Lagos.

Tel – +234 7011851624, +234 9056919234, +234 9083365531, +234 7026039470


So if you have a bit of cash to spare, and looking to add another beach to your list, why not check them out?

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