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Boat Rides | River Niger & Benue

If you’re Nigerian, then you should know how important River Niger and River Benue are.

River Niger is the principal river in West Africa and runs through different areas in Nigeria. River Benue is its major tributary and they merge in Lokoja, Kogi State hence the nickname ‘The Confluence Town’.

It is also part of what makes up the ‘Y’ on the Nigerian map.

Nigerian map


There was no way a visit to Lokoja would be complete without this and when we heard we could go on a boat cruise on River Niger & Benue, it became the highlight of our tour to Lokoja.

We booked a boat ride with the navy as it was the safest option. We were given our time slot and we arrived ahead of time as we were excited.

Arrival at the Navy Dock and getting kitted up


Excited Unravllers


View of the Navy Dock from the boat


After getting kitted up, we were introduced to the Naval officer who would be with us for the tour – Captain Danladi. He had someone else also come with him to assist.

Captain Danladi was very friendly and took his time to tell us about both rivers. He even offered to take us to another state as we could visit quite alot through River Niger but alas, we couldn’t take him up on his offer.

After checking that everything was in order, we were off and it was so fulfilling to know we were riding around on River Niger and Benue.


Look at me, I’m captain now


Captain Danladi allowed us try our hands out at steering the boat. A few things he highlighted during the trip included:

  1. River Niger is dirtier than River Benue

  2. River Benue is calmer than River Niger

  3. Part of the ‘Y’ on the Nigeria map is actually a small island in the middle of both rivers.


The ‘Y’ on the map


It was a fun and informative ride and Captain Danladi threw in a bonus visit to the village of Gbobe which was on the other side of both rivers.

One fun fact is that at the naval base, every year they mark where the rivers rise to when it overflows. 2012 was the highest year.


If you ever find yourself in Lokoja, you should try to add this to your list of things to do.

Using the Navy set us back N20,000 and we had to be a minimum of 10 people. I hear with other providers, it costs N10,000. Our choice of the navy was simply due to safety as things happen on the high seas.

Have you ever taken a boat ride on River Niger and Benue, what was your experience like? Is this something you would ever try? Share with us in the comment section

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*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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