Cat & Luke Unravel Nigeria | 5 States in 4 Days – Part II

If you haven’t read the first part, you can catch up here.

*Warning – Very long post.

Day 5 – Ekiti State & Ondo State

After waking up early and being disappointed by the drained swimming pool, we headed to Arinta Waterfalls which is also in Ekiti State. This time, we didn’t have to jump over the fence as the guide was there and ready for us. Arinta waterfall isn’t as famous as it’s sister in Osun State but was still a delight for Cat and Luke to see.


After exploring the waterfall and giving up on the second level, we raced back to the resort, packed up our things, said our farewells and headed to Ondo State.


Playing frisbee at a petrol station while sorting out slight car troubles.

We got into Ondo slightly after 3 pm and after a brief argument at the hotel on awful customer service (as usual), we headed to Idanre Hills. The hike up Idanre Hills as usual was tedious for the first 660 steps but smooth sailings after. We rounded up the hike to Idanre Hills with some palm wine.


Verdict ‘Why do hotels promise or advertise WiFi and then give you a tough time when it’s time to connect? Only Lagos seems to be connect you to their wiFi immediately’ (It should be noted that social media/whatsapp was the only way Cat & Luke could communicate with their family, so having WiFi access was really important to them). They thought the waterfall was really nice and it was great being out there hearing nothing but nature. They would have loved to get to the last level but the rest of us were wimps unfortunately. lol. They enjoyed the hike up Idanre Hills and especially loved the view of the town from the top. Better tour guides as usual are needed. They also felt the possibilities were endless but it’s a shame no one’s really putting in a lot of effort into them. The hotel was decent and they quite enjoyed dinner. Palm wine is different but alright. 🙂

Day 6 – Osun State

The next day, we were off to Osun State. We didn’t leave as early as we would have loved to because some of us were already feeling knackered from all the driving around. (The govt really needs to look at improving the roads).

We were the first tourists to get to Erin Ijesha Waterfalls and as it had rained earlier, the guides were skeptical about if we would be able to reach the 7th level.


With the guide at Erin Ijesha Waterfalls

From the waterfalls, we headed to Osun Grove .Cat and Luke were told the story of how the grove came to be. We were taken through the grove (apart from the areas that are forbidden to ‘mere mortals’).. Luckily for us, they were preparing for the Osun Festival so we were able to observe. Our guide got into a fight with one of the men there (the fight was based on money we were supposedly to drop. Nigerians must always show themselves), but luckily some elders were able to diffuse the situation.

Tour done and dusted, we sped off to Ibadan and lay our heads there for the night.

Verdict There really needs to be a standardization of payments. Its odd that after paying entry fees, you get to a spot and you’re asked to pay money to some deity or god. While we understand that it’s important to them, can’t it all be included in the entry fee? Also paying to take your camera is an ‘interesting’ concept. The guide at Osun grove seems to be the first proper guide we’ve had and by this we mean she knew the stories and what each thing represented. At Erin Ijesha, the guide knew the route but not the story. We also wished we had gotten to the 7th level but we can understand the guides fear of the slippery terrain. (Luke also love standing under the waterfall). We were happy to have dominos for dinner when we got to Ibadan. We love Nigerian food but it was great to have some pizza.