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Childhood Dreams | Magicland Amusement Park


Who doesn’t love a great theme park? The great thing about them is that both adults and children can enjoy them.

Growing up, I loved going to amusement parks and getting on as many rides as my mum would allow me. There weren’t a lot in Lagos (that I knew of) so it was something I looked forward to when we went away on holiday. From Disneyland to Thorpe park, the adrenaline rush, screaming and just the excitement in the air was electric.


Iron Woman



I wasn’t sure what to expect when we (Fola, Yejide, Amarachi, Amadi, Innocent and I) headed to Magicland, Abuja.

Formerly known as Wonderland amusement park, it is located on Constitution Avenue, Wuye (on your way to or from the Abuja airport depending on where you’re coming from). We were pleasantly surprised with the number of rides they had and how beautiful the scenery was. With greenery and rocks as the backdrop it’s a great place to spend the day if you’re into rides and games.


Big kids on the carousel; Sunglasses by Dapmod


One thing I noticed is how clean and well maintained the park is for now. There are bins everywhere and someone could be seen mowing the lawn and ensuring it was still green.

We all commented on how parts of the amusement park could be mistaken for being a park outside the country and I hope they continue to maintain it as it is.


Amarachi and her new found love.


Before long, children started trooping in and we were more than ready to go. Despite not getting on any ride, we enjoyed our time there.

At a fee of N300 for entry and N600 per ride, it’s much cheaper than it’s Lagos counterpart. So if you’re in Abuja and you’re looking to treat your kids, or you want to be a big kid for the day, Magicland Amusement park is one place to check out.


Have you ever been to Magicland? What was your experience?


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Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by Travelstart Nigeria. Transfers, meals and experiences were organised by them. However, all views and opinions remain ours.

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

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