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Cocktails at The Backyard Bar & Grill | Dinner at Crust and Cream

This is the way I view Lagos weekends. Friday is typically turn up night, that’s when the clubs are typically popping. Probably, hit up a pregame spot before ending up at a trendy club where u can enjoy good music, dance a storm and enjoy the best of Lagos nightlife.

On Saturday, there is typically a wedding to go eat small chops at, a food festival or some pop up event. On Sunday after going to church or not, people hit up one of the many Sunday brunch buffets that exist in town. Some others prefer to go out for Sunday dinner and get mentally prepared for the storm to come on Monday. Sprinkle a movie somewhere in there and you got a typical weekend of an out and about Lagosian.

This weekend we opted for Sunday dinner and after peeping a few Instagram pictures a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I would really like to check out The Backyard Bar & Grill Lagos located at 4B Musa Yaradua Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. I knew the restaurant was located at Musa Yaradua street but I didn’t look up the address prior to heading to the restaurant. Driving down the street, we realized the street is littered with restaurants. We spotted an Indian cuisine restaurant, Italian restaurant, a roof top bar and grill and Crust & Cream restaurant all located on the street.

We made our way back to the Backyard grill which we missed as we drove down earlier and I fell in love with the outdoor vibe. There is a chain link porch swing right as you walk towards the outdoor space. This is obviously a favorite photo op spot for many as we witnessed a bridal party huddled up at the swing to take pictures (Pro tip: If your date wants you guys to take a picture on the swing, do it. It will save you a ton of stress, trust me kids).


There is also a big ‘Backyard Bar and Grill’ billboard style sign and a cool graffiti wall adorning the outdoor space. We took our seats indoors which has a combination of picnic style bench seating and a couple of bar table and stools. Unfortunately, we were told that the kitchen closed at 4pm (we got there at 6pm) and all we could get were drinks. Someone should have done a bit of research 👀


We decided to walk down to Crust and Cream for dinner and come back to the Backyard for cocktails. This is No 11 on the same street.


Crust and Creams is a 2 mins walk from the Backyard, No. 11 Musa Yaradua street to be exact. As the name suggests they offer tons of pastries but they are also a full fledged restaurant with a sizeable menu. They offer meals such as English breakfast, pasta, burgers and Mongolian beef to mention a few items.