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Community Love | 5 Ways Unravelling Nigeria Supports The Local Community When We Travel

Support The Community When You Travel

Travel is fun and it’s such a great way to let go, be free and forget about all the hassles of life.

We tend to forget that during our holidays, we are directly/indirectly impacting the communities that we find ourselves visiting. We eat, sleep, visit tourist attractions and take part in various activities where we come in contact with locals. You can support these communities by doing some of the most basic things and these are a few ways we do over here when we go on tours and you can incorporate on your next trip.

Eat somewhere Local

This is something we constantly do. We dine like a local at least once during our trips.

Travelling to a new place means you’re ready to experience new things and there’s no reason why food should be any different. Instead of going to the big fast food chain brands, we like to eat locally and try out whatever meal the place we’re visiting is famous for.

Find a locally owned restaurant, get out of your comfort zone and just eat like a local. It’ll probably be the one time you’ll get that meal you ordered in its authentic form. More importantly try to avoid being safe by ordering rice in its most basic form, I mean you can eat rice at home.


Pounded Yam and Egusi from Iya Yusuf


Dining at a bukka in Ekiti State


Pounded yam wrapped in Moi Moi leaves (banana leaves)


Shop Local

Chances are that more often than not, there will be a local souvenir shop wherever you’re visiting. Pick something up for yourself or family/friends.

Haggle on the price (the first price is usually ‘tourist price’) but don’t offer ‘dirt’ for what you’re buying. Remember that this is someone’s means of livelihood and this ‘small business’ is contributing to the community in its own little way.

On our recent trip to Kwara State, we stopped at Dada Pottery and some of us bought a couple of pots and left the potters extremely happy.