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Compare & Contrast – LHR vs MMIA

Compare and contrast is pretty much going to be comparisons between Nigerian tourist destinations and it’s foreign counterparts. It’ll show how they are similar but different and at the end show what they can learn from each other. You can call it the battle of tour sites if you want. 🙂

We’ll start with the International Airports which give the first impression of a country.

On this side of the continent, we have Murtala Muhammed International Airport, code name LOS located in Ikeja, Lagos with 1 whooping terminal, a few restaurants and shops to show for it.


On the other side, we have London Heathrow, code name LHR, located in London (obviously) with 5 terminals, a lot of stores, restaurants, prayer rooms, etc.


Compare & Contrast

  1. Both are major hubs for international travel in their countries respectively.

  2. London Heathrow provides an extensive seating area both outside and inside the terminals. Murtala Mohammed Airport could do better. I remember sitting on the floor when I was tired. Thank goodness I was wearing joggers.

  1. Both have shopping and eating areas, but Heathrow has more options. I find this odd because the Lagos local airport seems to have more options than LOS.

  2. Ever been to Heathrow and gone to the wrong terminal? It’s hell trying to get to the right one because of distance. So maybe it’s a good thing Nigeria has only one terminal.

  3. Signage is everything and Heathrow does not lack in this. LOS on the other hand needs to step up with this.

  1. Baggage claim in LOS is a bit of a disaster. Takes too long to come out, the carousel is rickety and you have no idea where your baggage is coming out from. You just follow the crowd. Heathrow however has carousel numbers and show which flight currently has its baggage on rotation.

  2. Both are extremely busy airports, but LHR does a better job at controlling the crowds.

  3. It’ll never make sense to me why I should pay for a baggage trolley at the International airport in Lagos when I get them for free at Heathrow. Somebody needs to put a stop to that mess.

  4. WiFi is very necessary. When I was travelling, there was no WiFi at LOS, but I hear they’re working on it.

For me, the most important factor is that LHR can function as a tourist site. People actually look forward to being there. It also gives you a taste of what’s to come in the country. They also understand that the travelling process is a very stressful one and try to make the prelude to travelling as comfortable as possible. We all know that airports see a numerous amount of different cultures and Heathrow tries its best to accommodate that while still retaining its British heritage.

LOS on the other hand, is just a hub for passengers. Land/take off and ‘waka’. Most of the time, people can’t wait to get out of the airport. It can all be a tad bit frustrating and the whole process is tedious. I still don’t know why my passport has to go through 2 people but c’est la vie. I know they’re renovating and I could see a bit of work going on. Hopefully, the next time I’m there, things are much better and while they’re at it, they can take a cue from the London Heathrow Airport.

Can you guess which pictures are from LHR or LOS?

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*Note – Information and details are true as time of visit. Things may be different when you visit.

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