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‘Daycation’ at IITA with @theFunbi

Today, Funbi tells us about her trip to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan. I’m particularly delighted she’s writing because she came along for the Kajuru Castle tour. Unfortunately, IITA doesn’t allow you onto its premises for tours except you’re a check in guest or a visitor of a guest.


2015 was an exciting year for me; I discovered and explored new places both within and outside Nigeria. My friends and I decided to kick off 2016 with a ‘daycation’. We planned a trip to the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in the ancient city of Ibadan. I am sure you guys are thinking, “What’s in Ibadan?” and “ why a research institute?”  Well I say why the hell not!

IITA is a huge research institute that has a lot of activities that tourists will find very interesting; aside the fact that the place is very beautiful. There’s a golf course, lawn tennis court, pool, rooms for guests, a lake (yes you can do some fishing!) and much more…


We arrived in IITA on a Saturday morning, checked into our rooms and began our DAYCATION! We were leaving the next day and had to make the best of our short time. The guys wanted to go fishing so we drove to the lake; it was so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. I learnt how to fish and it was really cool but No, I didn’t catch anything.

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After a couple of hours, we decided to go have lunch at the International house (I-HOUSE). Surprisingly, their meals are very affordable. After Lunch, some of us decided to have a picnic by the lake while we watched the others fish. The vibe was so trill! With a blanket, red wine, chocolate, cookies and of course music, we had a relaxing evening by the lake. We also watched the sun set. Sigh, couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day.

We had dinner later that night and chilled a bit in the restaurant. The next day before leaving, we had lunch while some guy played the piano in the background. Perfect way to say goodbye… lol

There are a lot more activities to do such as the forest trail, table tennis, basketball, swimming, volleyball and squash.  So you won’t be out of options. However, to have access to these facilities you need to be one of the guests. For more information on room rates, click here.

(You need to show a printed reservation at the gate or you will not be granted entry into the premises)

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