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Discover Your Dream With Travel Wings

Travel Wings Is Here To Stay

When I got a call about a new online driven travel agency that offered the cheapest rates around I literally rolled my eyes. I mean they all say that right? However, after a bit of back and forth I remembered my planned trip to Ghana and decided to check their site out.

Travel wings is a Dubai based online travel agency that has 25 years of experience and has now firmly planted its roots in Nigeria. They guarantee you an easy, seamless experience when using their website.

Travel wings

When I got on their site, I realised that I could plan my entire vacation with them. Done with booking your flight? Then move on to the hotel tab. Don’t know where you want to travel to? Then check the holiday offers. It was just that simple.

The best part? It was easy to navigate through the site. I generally don’t like when I can’t find what I’m looking for easily when visiting any online platform so this was a plus in my books.

I checked their rates for my flight to Ghana and they definitely had the lowest prices as I had been scourging the internet for a while looking for cheap tickets. I did find one ticket though that was cheaper than their listing but it was Arik Air and this is where travel wings sets itself apart. After calling, they clarified why this happened.

The only time you’ll find a flight cheaper than what they offer is if it’s an airline that is prone to cancellations or severe delay. They would rather not list the airline than have you book it and have issues (here’s looking at you Arik Air).


They also have various filters to assist with narrowing your choice down. Layover time, number of stops, airlines, price etc. You know how sometimes you want a really cheap flight but the layover is a killer, well they help you narrow down the number of hours you’re willing to wander around for before catching the next flight and help you choose the best option for you.

I wasn’t ready to pay for my tickets but after choosing your flight you can choose to pay by direct debit, credit/debit cards, transfer and even cash for those who still aren’t comfortable with paying for things online.

When I was done with exploring the ticket option, I went over to the hotel tab. This was also easy to use and within minutes they brought out a few hotel selections for the area I was hoping to stay in. While the particular hotel I was looking for wasn’t listed, they gave me similar options.


Of course I wasn’t going to leave their site without seeing what else was in store. I noticed that you can get various deals already put together for flights to various countries and they also have add on services like visa assistance. Incentives are also available like free room nights from points accumulated from using their services.

While their holiday tab only offers an all-inclusive package to Dubai, I’m hopeful that more options will be available.

I liked my experience while I was exploring their site and I’m sure I’ll be booking my ticket with them when I’m ready. If you’re still skeptical about online dealings, you can pop into their office in Ikeja and have a chat with them

They are definitely here to stay.


Contact Details

Address –

Travelwings First Floor Desiree Plaza”, No 2 Sheraton/Opebi Link Road, Opposite Westown Hotel Opebi Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

Number – 01-6361010

You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


This post was produced in partnership with Travel Wings, but all opinions remain ours!

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