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Eating on a budget!

So you’re in Nigeria and you don’t want to break the bank to eat. You would rather spend your money on Freedom Park or Lekki Conservation Centre instead of eating at Yellow Chilli or Golden Eagles Spur.

Maybe you’re just downright broke, but ‘man must chop!’ What do you do?

This quick post is just for you!

Our answer is fast food and for foreigners, this is our answer to McDonald’s/Burger King.

You can snag a snack from as low as N150 to a combined meal which shouldn’t cost you more than N1500. (This ranges from less than a pound/dollar to £5/$8).

While we have a lot in Nigeria, I have decided to narrow it down to the ones I have been to. The best part? Most of them are available in every state in the county.

So for those who have been asking for a fast food post, here you go :-

1. Mr Biggs

This was one of the first fast food chains in Nigeria. It started in 1973 as Kingsway Rendevous in the Kingsway dept store. Its colours red and yellow are reminiscent of McDonald’s.

It is owned by United African Companies of Nigeria (UAC) and I personally love their meat pies. Best!


2. Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC)

Started by Mrs Adebayo in 1996, she decided to model it after KFC where she had previously worked.

Their slogan is ‘we do chicken right’, and they definitely do.  Try out their charcolit chicken. Apart from chicken, their other meals are pretty decent.


3. Sweet Sensation

This strong brand was started in 1994 in Mrs Kamsons backyard and has become what it is today. It is one of the most successful quick service restaurants today and my friend says you’re allowed to go in there to work with your laptop, which is the first I’ve heard of with these kind of restaurants.

If that doesn’t encourage you, especially those always looking for wifi, I don’t know what will.


4. Barcelos

From what I hear this is a South African company that has found a home in Nigeria. (Say no to Xenophobia). In my opinion, they are modelled after nandos, but I may be wrong. Their flame grilled chicken however is sure to hit the spot. Get their chicken stir fry, I absolutely love it.


5. KFC

We all know it, some love it. The American franchise finally found its way to Nigeria.  It’s one of the first fast food brands to expand internationally. They claim to have a secret recipe. I’m surprised it hasn’t leaked yet as they’ve been open for over 80 years.


6. Magrellos

This is still fairly new on the market as it was opened in 2006 by a couple. However they’ve managed to do well for themselves and like my brother says, no one does ofada rice better than them.


Who says you can’t eat good food on a budget?

A little bit of comic relief below, if you haven’t seen it already. I call it much ado about fast food.


*conversions are based on exchange rate at the time of writing the post! 

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