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Fallen Heroes | Lokoja Cenotaph


If you’ve been following our Lokoja series, then by now you know already know that this is a town that is pregnant with history. It’s importance in Nigeria cannot be emphasized enough.

‘The Cenotaph’ was the last site we visited during our tour of Lokoja. It was erected in honor of Nigerians and Africans that fought in the first world war. I can’t think of a better tourist site to use to wrap up our Lokoja adventure.

Memorabilia such as three heavy artillery guns can be found there with the names of all the soldiers inscribed onto a plaque on one of the guns.


The Nigerian army do not take kindly to finding people loitering around which is funny as it’s smack in the middle of town and the ‘gate’ is open 24/7.


Running from the soldiers


This is due to the fact that they cherish it as their own and on remembrance day every year (Jan 15), they assemble there and mark the day with a march past for the fallen heroes.


Waiting for the soldiers to ‘march past’


One thing that is noticeable is that it is very well kept so that’s a huge plus to visit.

The next time you’re in Lokoja, stop by Murtala Mohammed Way and pay homage to those who gave their lives for the war.

The best part is it’s absolutely FREE but watch out for the soldiers.


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