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Feedback | Time and Money Well Spent

This should have gone out with our recap post of last week, but I just put them together. Please read the feedback from the trip to the waterfalls. Unfortunately my return guests blatantly refused to fill our feedback forms so these are from our first timers. ๐Ÿ™‚

What did you think of the organisation?

A โ€“ Loved it. Friendly, professional and best of all FUN.

B โ€“ It was very good.

C โ€“ Organized

D โ€“ Good initiative


What did you think of the location?

A โ€“ Really cool. Wish we got there earlier.

B โ€“ Awesome. It was a work out but the falls made it all worth it : )

C โ€“ Beautiful

D โ€“ Fun


What was your experience of the trip like?

A โ€“ Easy fun group. Loved it.

B โ€“ Need more leg room but that aside it was fun. Loved the games.

C โ€“ Super exciting

D โ€“ Fun


What did you like?

A โ€“ The people and the location.

B โ€“ The small number of people made it quite interactive

C โ€“ Friendly people & the water most especially

D โ€“ The waterfalls


What were your dislikes?

A โ€“ Road trip but hey, only way to travel.

B โ€“ Hmmm, none on this trip.

C โ€“ Missed the way to Osun Grove

D โ€“ None


What would you like us to improve on?

A โ€“ Leaving a bit earlier for day trips

B โ€“ Nothing comes to mine

D โ€“ Timing


Would you join our next trip?

A โ€“ YES

B โ€“ Most definitely

C โ€“ Definitely yes

D โ€“ Yes


Would you recommend us?

A โ€“ YES

B โ€“ Yes, Yes, Yes

C โ€“ Definitely yes

D โ€“ Yes


Any other comments?

A โ€“ Great work. Admire the whole program ๐Ÿ™‚

B โ€“ Time & money well spent

C โ€“ Keep it up

D โ€“ None


Two people here came on the recommendation of some our unravellers and we hope they bring more people into the fold.

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