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From The Horse’s Mouth | Chinyere Unravels Obudu Mountain Resort

Chinyere is an avid traveler moonlighting as a lawyer. She has been on most of our trips so we’re excited about this interview.


Obudu Mountain Resort is a ranch and resort in Obudu, Cross River State that was developed by Mr McCaughley. He camped in the area back in 1949, realized it’s potential and came back with other ranchers and worked on what we have today.

She recently went to Obudu Mountain Resort and graciously allowed us quiz her about her trip. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did and hopefully you’re inspired to visit.


Give us a brief description of where you went and what the trip was about. 

For Easter, I went to the Obudu Mountain Resort (it used to be called Obudu Cattle Ranch).


The Mountains


Entrance to the resort


Where did you stay and what was it like?

The resort has different types of accommodation – The African Huts, Mountain View Cabins, and Lodges (there are executive lodges and regular ones). There is also a Presidential Lodge (where Nigerian presidents and heads of state come to stay). Initially I stayed in the African Hut, but later moved to the Mountain view cabins. Both places were nice.


Mountain view cabin


Inside the mountain view cabin


More on mountain view cabin


African huts


Inside the African huts


What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?

The most surprising thing at Obudu is the way you are literally in the clouds, you practically see them rolling by you. Another is the way the weather changes; one minute, its all nice and clear and the next the clouds blanket everywhere.


What was your best moment of the entire trip?

I really can’t say I had any ‘best moment ‘.. Every experience there was awesome and breathtaking. The beautiful rolling mountains ….like the ones seen in the movie ‘Sound of Music’.  We sang the “Hills are Alive” more than once.