From The Horse’s Mouth | Ebere Unravels Kano


Kano is such a historical city and there’s no better place to start your Northern Nigerian jaunts. It has everything you need; culture, history, northern architecture and more all rolled into this ancient town.

If you’ve been on any of our trips then you’re familiar with Ebere. She’s one of our favorite unravellers and she recently went to Kano and has ALL the details about how it went.

We hope you enjoy it and maybe you’ll put Kano on your travel list.


Give us a brief description of where you went and what the trip was about

I visited Kano. Visiting Northern Nigeria was on my to-do list for this year and what better place to start than the Historic Ancient City of Kano.


Was accommodation required for this trip? If yes where did you stay and what was it like?

I went with a travel group that handled all the logistics. We stayed at the Porto Golf Resort situated at Gezawa-Minjir-Kunya part of Kano. It is a beautiful place. It has a lake which was a surprise and I intend to just go back someday just to explore the resort more.


Our Hotel


Old school cars anyone?


What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?

The lake at the resort was a surprise. Such beautiful scenery. Never expected it.


What was your best moment of the entire trip?

Touching the ancient city wall of Kano and also touching the ancient city gates of the walls at the museum. It was an awesome feeling being around something that existed over 100 years ago.

Another cool thing was I saw a hippopotamus and an elephant at the Kano zoo. It was my first time of sighting both animals live.


Finally touched a bit of history


The face you make when you see an Elephant for the first time

What was the scariest moment (if any)?


Did you find any sights or activities a bit off the beaten track ie beyond the tourist traps?

We saw the ‘Gezawa Canyon’ as we named it. It’s an erosion site which had transformed into a beauty due to the way the people take from it to make blocks for their houses.

Seeing this wasn’t part of the plan. We saw the view and shouted for the driver to stop the bus. Lol.

How cool is this?

What are two interesting things about where you went that the average person doesn’t know?

I’m not sure how to determine what is known or not but there’s a zoo in Kano that has an elephant and a hippopotamus.




Did you meet any locals? If yes, what were they like?

We met the men at the tie and dye center and it was a delight speaking with them.


All smiles