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From the horse’s mouth – Lagos

It feels like we haven’t done this segment in a long time. This interview is slightly different as I got two people to do it at the same time so you can see how people living in the same place can have different opinions about it.

Horses of the day – Oyin & Wale

Location – Lagos


Taken from Y-naija

Taken from Y-naija

Lagosians waiting to get on the bus popularly known as BRT.


Nickname – Eko, Las Gidi, Lag

Age Range – 25-35

Occupations – Lawyer/Auditor

Brief background: Both were born and brought up in Lagos.

What is Lagos like?

Oyin: Lagos is fun and chaotic, rich and penniless, sophisticated and savage, flamboyant and “raggedly” all rolled up in one.

Wale: Also known as Eko Akete, a cosmopolitan town with locals with from diverse origins. Lagos swings like a pendulum! Its sway initiates hidden delights in the hearts of occasional visitors who are often in town for business. There’s always some new found fast food, an opening opera, a government gig, an elite party, a job fair or boiling religious activity amid the uneasy traffic. Activities start to swing from early mornings and locals often depend on “Lagos-sense” to determine bus or driving route that’ll grant your logistics the required efficiency. There are often stern looks by commuters or by standers at bus stops (a part of Lagos sense that says one is ready for the hustle) but Lagosians are very hospitable and fun seeking than the stress of the city portrays.

What has been your favorite experience in Lagos so far?

Oyin: Living in Lagos, there is always a different experience.

Wale: Nightlife on the Island

What are your top 5 recommendations of things to do or see in Lagos?


1. Tarkwa bay or any of the beaches

Image gotten from

Image gotten from


2. Freedom Park – Arts & recreation center on former Lagos Colonial prison grounds.

Image by Lape Soetan

Image by Lape Soetan


3. Badagary slave Site – Former slave port/route in Lagos

Image by mission

Image by mission


4. Terra Kulture – Nigerian cultural centre: Art, culture, lifestyle, educational center etc


5. Nike Art Gallery – Home of Nigerian arts and culture

Image by Folarin Kolawole

Image by Folarin Kolawole


6. I know you said 5 but another is Lekki Conservation Center. – Nature park


*we were obviously excited that she mentioned two places we’ve been to. You can read our review on Terra Kulture and Lekki Conservation Center.


1. Elegushi beach

Image by

Image by


2. Eko Atlantic City – new city under construction off the Bar beach – V.I

3. Eyo Festival – Also known as the Adamu Orisha play. Yoruba festival unique to Lagos State.

Eyo festival

Eyo festival


4. Balogun Textile Market

Image by Lola Akinmade

Image by Lola Akinmade


5. Freedom Park

Image by Lape Soetan

Image by Lape Soetan


What are your food or restaurant recommendations in Lagos?

Oyin: White house (Sabo), Delta Kitchen (Surulere), Blu Radisson Hotel (V.I) and the buffet at Eko Hotel in V.I. White house and Delta Kitchen have mainly local dishes but you can get a mix of local and intercontinental at Blu Radisson and Eko Hotel.

You gotta try Suya at Akerele, Surulere, eat Amala and ewedu, do fish and chips at the beach or Ojez, and have some fresh pammy.

Wale: Amala Shitta in Surulere. That’s for local food only. I can’t think of any other place.

If someone is visiting Lagos for a day, where should they go?

Oyin: Wake up on the Beach! Beach!! Beach!!! Have breakfast by the sea. Set out for sightseeing at the Lekki Free trade zone and Lekki Conservation center.

Stop over at Nike Art Gallery, snack on boli and epa or roasted corn and ube.

Boli & Epa

Boli & Epa




Have lunch at Terra Kulture and dig into soulful music, paintings, African fashion and poetry.

Burn some calories at Get Arena, walk the malls and see Nigerian faces and fashion.

GET Arena

GET Arena

See a late movie at the galleria after having dinner (bukka or radisson).

Silverbird Galleria

Silverbird Galleria


Wale: Go to Lagos Motor Boat Club, Ikoyi/Cowry Creek.


Lagos Motor Boat Club


Any hidden gems that you think haven’t been discovered yet?

Oyin: Water sports! There’s water all around. Mostly, only foreigners engage in water sports,owning yachts, boats, etc

Wale: Watersports

What is security like?

Wale: Hotels are relatively safe. Nightlife is safer on the Island than Mainland. Locals are friendly.

Word of advice for visitors

Oyin: Smile, Enjoy and be safe.

Wale: An unnecessary display of affluence is discouraged

Any other thing to add?

Oyin: Nah

Wale: Take a moment to experience life like a local in terms of public transport enjoy seafood and beer at street beer parlors.


Lagos clearly has alot to offer and is fun too despite its size. You would be surprised by how many other options people would give if asked this exact same question.

So what did you guys think about featuring two people at the same time? Yay or nay. Any other places you think should be here that haven’t been mentioned?


Pammy – Palmwine

Ube – Igbo for African pear. Can be eaten raw, cooked or with corn.

Boli & epa – roasted/grilled plantain with groundnut

bukka – Local eatery

Amala – Yam flour

Ewedu – Corchorus plant made into soup

Suya – Spicy skewered meat

V.I – Victoria Island


*please note that we in no way influenced the responses and all opinions were solely made by the ‘horses’

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