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From The Horse’s Mouth | Wummi Unravels Shere Hills

Wummi slid into our comments section on our instagram page about the view from the top of Shere Hill. I hated her a little bit because I’ve whined constantly about how the usual rite of passage in my secondary school was exploring Shere Hills. My year however couldn’t do it because unfortunately there were tensions in Jos when it was our turn.

Despite my fake hate, I knew I just had to talk to her about her trip.

She is an engineer at day and a designer at night but describes herself as a random girl that like travelling and adventure.

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Give us a brief description of where you went and what the trip was about.

Let’s just say I actually took a mini vacay to see Jos and other neighboring places within the state. Shere hills were one of the places I visited. Other places included Assop waterfalls, Rayfield resort, Jos National Museum, Jos wildlife park, Miango Rest home, Kerrang volcanoes and Swan natural spring, and the famous Terminus market.


Assop Waterfalls


Since this is about Shere hills, let me give a brief description. Popularly called Shere Hills, the site is actually a range of rolling hills and heaps of massive boulders practically surrounding the city of Jos. It can be seen from most places in Jos if the clouds are clear enough.

The most distinctive portion is easily accessible from behind a certain ‘Military’ Mountain School about 10km east of the city of Jos. The hills serve as a perfect training ground for the school. Being a range of hills means there are various hills of varying sizes and difficulties so you can choose your size and climb it, not necessarily the highest peak of the range. I picked a small one (or so I thought until I got close to it). I went hiking with 2 of my friends; hiking is never fun alone and it took us about 30 mins to get to the top of the one we chose.

There are 2 identical hills at the range popularly called Gog and Magog (actually the highest peak known is about 1829m) but my strength failed me after hiking so I couldn’t get there.

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View from the top


Was accommodation required for this trip? If yes where did you stay and what was it like?

Like I said it was a mini vacay so I stayed about a week in Jos in De- Eden hotel. I’ll rate it about 3 stars because I was on a budget. It is located in a serene and safe environment on Lamingo Road. I liked it because it has lots of greens and nice flowers in the surrounding which makes for good views. It’s a small hotel so it’s not busy and bustling which I kinda liked too. Their rooms range from about N4000 – N7000 per night. It is not in the heart of town but transportation is very cheap in Jos since it’s mainly by Keke Napep.


What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?

I noticed that most (if not all) Keke Napeps in Jos actually have doors at the front and back seats. I was so surprised because I was seeing that for the first time. My friend/tour guide said it’s a measure of additional security since Keke is a very common mode of transportation there.

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Doors on both sides


What was your best moment of the entire trip?

Getting to the top of Shere Hills has to take that. It was my first time hiking and I didn’t even expect I’d make it that far, but here I am feeling ready to take Kilimanjaro.

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Mama I made it to the top

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I also got to ride a horse for the first time at the wildlife park.

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Horse Riding


What was the scariest moment (if any)?

There was a very steep slope while going up the hill that got me so scared; in fact, I was sure I would roll back down but eventually I made it up. My man o’war in training friend said the secret to overcoming such slopes is to keep moving and never stop, and the trick worked.

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Don’t stop moving


Did you find any sights or activities a bit off the beaten track i.e beyond the tourist traps?

Miango Rest Home is a quiet resort about 25km from the heart of Jos that many people do not know about but my tour guide insisted I spent at least one night there. Though the accommodation is quite basic built in form of chalets, the environment is so natural, lush and green. It would make a perfect honeymoon or retreat location. It also has recreational facilities, mini-golf and soccer.

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Miango Rest Home


They also do not offer room services so they have meal times when everyone comes to the dining hall to eat. You’ll usually find lots of white people there so they serve both local and exotic continental dishes. The icing on the cake is that the rates are as cheap as N7000/day (this covers accommodation for a night and 3 meals). I was told it’s that cheap because it was built by the white people that brought ECWA to Jos and it is usually used by churches for small group retreats (they have cheaper rates for this), honeymoons and family vacations.

They usually require/prefer people to book in advance (as against just walking in to book a room like in normal hotels). I personally had some difficulty getting a room there as I just walked in and requested a room (I came in flanked by my 2 male friends so you can understand how that looked).

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What are two interesting things about where you went that the average person doesn’t know?

The average person thinks Shere Hills is just one Hill but it’s actually a massive range of many rolling hills and large boulders.

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