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Fun & Games | Apapa Amusement Park

I’m a child at heart so throw in a trip to an amusement park and I’m all in.

Apapa Amusement Park located on Randle Road recently got a face lift and there’s no better time to visit it while it’s still being maintained properly. (Hopefully it stays that way).

The renovations were a welcome innovation to the park and it is definitely one to take yourself the kids to for the day. The park is well laid out and neat (thank God)with different sections depending on what you want to do.


The park has features such a an events center, a food court, the outdoor games as well as indoor games for those who are less adventurous.

The games vary from bumper cars to the carousel, there’s something for everyone and they are safe (stop worrying about PHCN taking light). My only qualms with the park was that there weren’t a lot of rides. While the park itself is big alot of space seems to have been dedicated to other things like parking and the event hall leaving minimal space for rides. However I suppose they felt they could keep it more organised that way.


There aren’t a lot of parks in Lagos or places for Children to entertain their kids so Apapa Amusement Park comes in very handy if you’re ready to brave the traffic that is synonymous with Apapa.

I loved the serenity of the place apart from the fun that it obviously provides. Despite complaining on the lack of space for more rides, it is a great idea for the park to offer more facilities that people can use (even though this was probably to generate more revenue). Rumor also has it that there are plans to build a hotel in the park.


The cost of the rides vary between N400 ($2) – N1200 ($6); but before you enter you buy a card which has a certain amount on it and use it go on your merry way till you run out of ‘credit’. Kind of like how winter wonderland operates. I think the price could come down a little to allow more families partake in all the ‘fun’ the park has to offer.