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Hotel Review | A Three Hotel & Suites


After staying there twice, my verdict on the hotel remains the same; it is affordable cheap but some of the staff need a healthy dose in the art of customer service (I suppose you get what you pay for).

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the whole building but the hotel provides basic comfort for people who come to Ibadan.

The rooms are spacious enough and come with the essential amenities found in a hotel room – fridge(the freezer compartment works quite well if I may add), air conditioning, table, television, toiletries etc.

The bed was big enough but the mattress was a bit too hard for my liking and others also mentioned it.



A swimming pool/bar is available but you have to leave the main hotel building and walk down a dirt road at the side to get to it. I found it unconventional and slightly odd but security is available especially at night. In the evenings suya, pepper soup and more are sold at the bar.


Other things I found odd about the hotel apart from its name was that even though they claimed WiFi was available, only the manager has the WiFi code and your devices have to be handed over to her so she can grant you access. The manager unfortunately isn’t always on the premises so that means you may not get access to WiFi during your stay if she’s unavailable.

They also have staff who are rude and unfortunately they outnumber the genuinely nice ones. We almost got into a bit of a tussle for having our lunch at the pool side even though we had been granted permission by another staff member.

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They’re opposite Ventura Mall so those looking for things to do can always stroll down there to catch a movie or play in the arcade. This is one of their ‘selling points.’

Fortunately for them, their location is quite central so it means they’ll always get guests. I hear they’re frequently booked out on the weekends.

In my opinion, it provides decent basic accommodation for people passing through Ibadan. Definitely not 3 star!

Would I be using them again?

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Additional Info
  1. Limited parking is available

  2. Take cash as their POS wasn’t working on both occasions that I was there.

  3. Breakfast is available. They will usually call at 5am to give you the options available.

  4. Room Rates start from N7,000 ($22.23)Contact Address  Old Aerodrome Road Along Sango-UI Road, Samonda GRA Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria.


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*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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