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Hotel Review – Intercontinental Hotel

The strangest thing happened to me at Intercontinental Hotel. The elevators made me feel local. I simply didn’t know how to ‘work them’. I mean I watched security do it, but yeah I simply didn’t get it. I kept running in and out of it like an excited child till I managed to figure it out. I also noticed later on that there are rules for the elevators, so maybe you should read that first so you don’t end up like me.

The 'evil' elevators

The ‘evil’ elevators


Have I mentioned the lift mirrors are also perfect for full length selfies? Well, now you know.

Remember when I said Maison Fahrenheit was the most aesthetically pleasing hotel I had seen in Nigeria so far? Apparently someone didn’t agree and asked me to check out Intercontinental hotel.

Intercontinental details at a glance

Rating – 5 Star

Rooms – 358

Suites – 34

Meeting Rooms – 8

Restaurants – 4

Intercontinental hotel has been open for close to 2 years, and they took Lagos by storm. It is a new and welcome addition to the skyline on the island.

So off I went to Intercontinental to be proved wrong. I still think Maison is still better looking. However you be the judge, and I guess it also depends on what you are into.

I definitely think its a nice looking hotel, but in the usual nice, sleek way that hotels look. It’s exactly how I expect a 5 star hotel to look. There’s nothing that particularly stands out for me.

I suppose its an apples and oranges situation.

I decided to try out their ‘club’ called Soul Bar 150 first. There was a match going on, so they had a deal with the food and drinks. The waiter mentioned that whenever there’s a game showing, you get a drink and a snack for N3000 (10GBP/13EUR/$15). (Just ask for the football combo and they’ll hook you up).

Also the club usually opens from 9pm – 3am, but because of ongoing renovations, they were open early.

A couple of reasons I think everyone should visit intercontinental are –

1. To see the elevators that attempted to shame me. 🙂

2. Their staff are a special bunch. Super helpful and friendly. The bar man personally came to ask if I enjoyed my drink. When I said it was my first time there, they offered to get someone to take me round and everyone I met was genuinely helpful. Kudos to everyone especially at the restaurants.

3. It really is a nice hotel. The light fittings are stunning, and the furniture is actually not bad. You also get to check out the hotel that dominates the skyline on the island and apparently offers stunning views of the gulf of guinea.

Example of the light fittings

Example of the light fittings


4. To take pictures. This seems funny, but the waiter at the champagne bar said when they fist opened, people trooped in simply to take pictures. As long as you don’t become a nuisance, they don’t mind.

5. They have an infinity pool and a spa. Infinity pools are the new thing and not a lot of places in Lagos have them at the moment. If you haven’t seen one, this is your chance and right after you can go get pampered at the spa. The pool also has a bar & grill section called Ariya Terrace.

6. They have an amazing fountain in their zen garden that looks like like how little Italian restaurants are shown on TV.

7. To see the ballroom that accommodates 1400 people.

8. For fine dining. From looks alone, the Italian (Milano), Chinese (Soho) and Continental (Ekaabo) restaurants look like they’re worth a try.

Unfortunately, everyone was busy as there was a wedding so I couldn’t get a personal tour. I was however told I was welcome to go around myself and if I had any problems I could come back. The downside was I couldn’t see a room. I was satisfied, it could have been worse.

Of course I can’t tell you how the restaurants and other facilities were because I didn’t use them, but based off the service at Soul Bar 150, the drink, snacks and the general view of the place, I would say it is definitely worth a visit.

Check out the pictures below of everything there is to see there excluding the rooms, and tell me if you think its nicer than Maison Fahrenheit while you’re at it. Details on check in/check out can also be found below.

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Useful tidbits

1. Check in – 3PM, Check out -11am (late check out is available.)

2. Parking is available

3. Swimming pool opens 7am-7pm

4. Walk in guests are welcome at the spa, clubs and pool.

5. Cash & Cards are accepted. ATMs are also available in the lobby.

6. Languages apart from English spoken at the hotel include – German, French, Chinese, Hindi & Italian.

7. 24 hour room service is included.

8. Breakfast is included in price.

9. Wi-fi is available

10. The room rates are not fixed, they are flexible. So different day, different price. At the time of writing this, the rate for a standard room was N88,200 (282GBP, 390EUR & $444).

11. Two rooms with accessibility standards are available and service pets are allowed. For more information, contact hotel.

12. All reservations can be made by phone or online.

13. Packages are available on the website #gallery-2375-11 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2375-11 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-2375-11 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2375-11 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */


Contact details

Address – Plot 52, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel – +23412366666

Email –


*foreign conversion is based on the current rate of the Naira and is subject to change.

Reviews are based on my opinion and personal experience, and may differ from person to person

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