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How To Plan A Vacation During A Pandemic

This post has been a long time coming so instead of apologizing for the long silence and promising never to do it again, lets just skip that, forgive each other and jump into it shall we? Thanks guys.

So last year did not exist in my opinion and because of this ALOT of things were cancelled including vacations.

Now I don't know about you but after being cooped indoors for so long and getting restless, my girl and I decided to plan some sort of vacation. Since international flights were out of it due to the panorama aka pandemic, we decided that a trip to Abuja would do the trick. I mean at least we were getting away from our routine and going 'away'.

Considering the situation of things, we had to do a checklist to make sure we were going to safe especially because we were going with a little one; so here's my list to planning a trip as safe as possible while the pandemic is still out there.

  1. Wherever you plan on staying, call them ahead of time to find out what covid-19 safety measures they have in place. From check-in to room service, know what protocols are in place.

  2. Get your masks and face shields. Most establishments won't allow you enter with them and this includes planes if you're travelling by air.

  3. Pack your hand sanitizers and wipes. This way you can wipe down any and everything.

  4. After your trip (doesn't matter if it's via road or air), take a shower. You have no idea who you might have come in contact with during your journey.

  5. Opt for more outdoor activities. This helps you avoid indoor activities that may be in poorly ventilated rooms and ensures you're getting enough fresh air. If you must do an indoor tour/activity, practice social distancing and keep 6ft apart.

  6. Keep your travel group small. Lay down ground rules that everyone must follow.

  7. As much as possible, use private transportation to move around (this may not be possible due to budget restraint)

  8. Watch the covid situation in the area you're going to (this applies to both home and abroad)

  9. If the vaccine is readily available wherever you are and you're not an anti-vaxxer, you should try and get. This obviously doesn't mean you still shouldn't do the above.

  10. HAVE FUN.

Do you have any fun trips planned for 2021? Let us know about them and how you intend to keep yourself safe during your trip.

*Please note that if you're going on an international trip, you will have to do a covid test 48-72 hours before your flight.

Lastly, if you know anyone who would be interested in featuring, shoot us a message.



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