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Iya Don ‘Jasi’ | A Bukka Experience


She told us to call her ‘Iya Don Jasi’ and while I’m still not sure if that’s really what she’s called, it doesn’t matter. I loved her so much I went there 4 times between my two trips to Ekiti State. Apart from her great food, she’s literally the life of the party.


Located down the road from Ikogosi Springs Resort, is a little bukka that can sit no more than 10-15 people comfortably.

Iya Don Jasi was our spot for dinner and breakfast when we had our group tour to Ikogosi and also a stop over for Cat & Luke.

From white rice to the famous Ekiti pounded yam, you can get it all except chicken at this little shack. For the lovers of chicken, you’ll have to settle for bush meat or pomo.


Her bukka also seems to be a stopping point for a lot of people so don’t get offended if people stop by and try to strike up a conversation with you. It’s a place not just for eating but also for hanging out and just making friends. If you want to pound your own yam, they’ll welcome you with open arms.