Journey of a thousand miles – Eleko Beach

My friends decided they wanted to go to Eleko beach and I was ok with it. I had never been there before.We decided to go on a Sunday and they organised a bus. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it for the meet up time and so told them I would drive down myself. I figured it couldn’t be that far. How wrong I was.

It took me about 2.5  hours and various stops, asking for directions to get there. I must have been driving really fast as my friends got  there about 30 mins before I did.

Eleko beach is one of the public beaches in Lagos located on the Lekki-Epe expressway around the Lagos free trade zone. It’s around the same location with La Campagne Tropicana. I guess I didn’t notice the distance there because I wasn’t the one driving.

While driving down, everyone kept saying ‘go straight down, you’ll see it’. After a while I was tired, upset and hungry, I mean where was this place. Later I saw a sign post with the beach indicated on it. I had driven past it before I finished reading it so had to turn around.


When I saw that, I was happy thinking I was there, but I still had to drive for about 15 mins before I finally got there.

I suggest getting a driver who knows the way to take you down there, and leave early. However, if you love driving, go for it!

IMG_9366 (1)

Sign post when you finally get to Eleko beach itself.



‘Entrance’ to the beach


When I got to the entrance, I was told It was N500 ($3/2GBP) and an additional N500 for my car, making it a total of N1000 (4GBP/$5). When you get inside, area boys will still ask you to pay them for parking your car and ‘watching’ over it. They will probably say N500 but if you can, you should attempt to beat the price down.


Area boys patiently waiting for cars to park




Cars can be packed anyway, but area boys expect you to settle them.


After parking I had to look for my friends. I was not sure where they were so had to walk around for a bit. I think because it was a Sunday, there were quite alot of people there.


This little boy helped me find my friends after I described them to him.




While looking for my friends I noticed the beach also has some fishermen around. 






You can find people selling things from jewellery, woven baskets to drinks. I was a bit taken aback by the guys who wore blazers to the beach, but I suppose you ‘gast kack up how you like’.


On the beach front you have various beach huts that you can rent for the day, and I suppose the prices vary depending on size, location and other reasons. You don’t have to rent a hut, you can just frolic on the beach.


A family enjoying their day at the beach in one of the huts.


Our hut cost us N10,000 ($55/35GBP) and we were about 10, so if you split it, it isn’t much.






Entrance to ours


The beach huts just have deck chairs and tables in them. It’s really just a place for people to hang out, eat, gist and whatever you want if you don’t feel like standing around or running about on the beach.



I like the bamboo seat.




We brought our own music, food and drinks.




We also got a lady who helped us grill our hot dogs.


After everyone’s initial complaint of distance and being tired, we all just sat around and gisted. I went to secondary school with some of these people, and even though they were my seniors it was still good fun.



The girl wearing black is a singer/rapper/songwriter called ‘Fefe’ and currently has a song on the radio called ‘kilowi‘. If you can, listen to it.