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Jubilee Chalets | A Night in Epe Town

A Night At Jubilee Chalet

When The Ajala Bug told us we had been invited to Jubilee Chalets with her, we had no real expectations. Epe is known for its resorts and the fish market amongst other things but Jubilee chalets didn’t ring a bell.

After a bit more inquiry we found out that they are VIP chalets owned by the Lagos state government and was solely for their guests. However by December 2017, they opened up to the general public and are being managed by MP hotels.


After picking The Ajala Bug, the drive down to Epe town started which lasted about an hour. On getting to Epe town itself, we stopped by to ask for directions and headed on. Jubilee chalets actually has signs showing directions which we spotted later on and it led us right to them.

After we arrived, introductions were done and a quick tour of the facilities began starting with the actual chalets. There are 4 types.

  1. Standard – This is ensuite with a living room but no kitchen. It takes 2 people.

  1. Deluxe – This is slightly bigger than the standard chalet and comes with a kitchenette.

  2. Executive – This has 3 bedrooms, a living area, dining area, and a kitchen. This can take 6 people.

  1. Presidential – This has 3 bedrooms, welcome area, 2 living areas, 3 bedrooms,  dining area, fully equipped kitchen and depending on which of the two available chalets you choose, a balcony overlooking the beach line.


The first thing we realised was that these chalets were big enough to be people’s homes and came with all the trimmings necessary in a house.

Plus despite the chalets could definitely take more people if guests decide to sleep on the couch or throw sleeping bags around.

One other thing you come to get used to, is there were diffusers everywhere, literally in every nook and cranny. They smelt divine.


After the rooms, we checked out the pool, gym, restaurant, the bar/club and banquet hall.


After the touring the facilities, it was time to check into our chalets.

After a long slight delay, the management asked us to go and have lunch first so they could finish preparing the chalets.


The restuarant


Lunch was decent and it was buffet style. Because it’s in Epe, there was alot of fish infused into the different meals. However, if you don’t like fish there is still something for you.

*The Lunch buffet costs N9,000 and the dinner costs N10,000

After lunch, we checked into our chalets and we were left to our devices.


Maggie’s Room


My room


We watched tv, napped and after a while decided to go hang out by the pool. Unfortunately there was an event going on there so it wasn’t possible.

We went back to our chalet and ordered room service for dinner. The menu covered everything from Nigerian meals to intercontinental. We settled for Amala, jollof rice, cake with ice cream and some juice.


Food for the godss


The food was really good and was just what the doctor ordered. To try and burn off some of the calories, we went for an evening stroll to see what the chalets looked like at night after which we called it a night.

The next day, for breakfast the restaurant informed us that room service wasn’t an option as long as a buffet was being served at the restaurant so our meal would have to be there.

So we had to haul ourselves out of bed and walk down. Breakfast had the regular options. From crepes to oats, sausages to eggs and more. It was filling and the staff were very helpful with our extra needs.


Breakfast ended and it was time to start getting ready for our departure.

After packing up and a last minute photo session, it was time to leave jubilee chalets.

It was a very restful weekend and those beds were oh so comfortable. You can tell great thought and attention to detail was put into the decor of the each chalet. Made us wonder how much was put into each them.


Loved the decor


While there aren’t a lot of activities to do at the moment, it was mentioned that this was being looked into so people don’t get too bored while they’re there.

If your sole purpose of going there is to sleep, eat and watch tv then you’re good. It’s also great for retreats, getaways (family bonding, couples etc) or for running away from ‘Lagos wahala’.

It was also a nice touch that each chalet had its own parking space unlike other places where you have to park somewhere in front and walk a distance to your room.


Now two things that could be changed are:

  1. There was no directory in the chalets for us to see the contact numbers for the various departments we wanted to reach during our stay. We had to keep calling our contact person to give us this. A chalet directory would be great.

  2. Room service should be allowed even if a buffet is being served in the restaurant. Sometimes people just want to eat in the comfort of their rooms.

That being said, with rates starting from N20,000 you can also enjoy a night at jubilee chalets.


Have you ever heard of Jubilee Chalets? Will you be interested in visiting?



*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*visit was sponsored by Jubilee Chaltes however the thoughts remain our own.

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