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What’s the one thing tourists like to do apart from checking out landmarks and various attractions? Chill out!!

Tourists are very big on checking out the night life, lounges, bars etc available in various countries. I gotta tell you, the night life/entertainment life in Nigeria is like no other. Nigerians are very happy by nature, so this ends up seeping into having fun.

I’m pretty sure they could compete with other countries and possibly come out on top. I mean, over here there is no entry fee. Imagine how many places you can go to in the space of a night. So, we’re going to be introducing you to these places as time goes on. As you can tell, this is another segment on the blog. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Allow me to introduce to you ‘Orchard Terrace’

Orchard Terrace, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Ever been to radio rooftop bar in London or a rooftop bar in Miami? That’s the vibe you get when you go there. If you haven’t been there, this is the perfect opportunity to know what they are like. Orchard terrace is an up scale lounge which can be found in Lekki phase one, Lagos. The rooftop of Centro mall on Admiralty Way to be exact.

Too many places in Lagos claim to be lounges but end up doubling as clubs which can be quite annoying especially if all you’re trying to do is just chill out.

image (2)

This is where orchard terrace comes in.  it’s a lounge that stays true to what it is meant to be. And quite frankly it fills a gap in Lekki. I’m not aware of any other nice lounges in the area. They are mostly in V.I. They opened in May, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves.

It’s divided into 2 sections. The rooftop section (the bar can be found here), and for those who get the chills easily, or just don’t fancy being outside, you can go inside which is cosy. This doesn’t affect the service you get in.

Roof top section

Roof top section

image (1)

Can you spot the dj in the background? I also like the puffy seat thing. lol

I like the décor. Minimal but stylish, less is more. I especially like the mini waterfall they have in the outer section.

Their staff are friendly, and if you’re lucky you’ll run into the owners.

Food & drinks

A nice lounge has to come with a nice menu no?

I like their menu; you’ll be able to find something to choose from, even for the pickiest people in the world. But then again, I’m a foodie so maybe that’s just me. LOL. And right now there’s an ongoing argument that they serve the best burgers in Lagos.

Fancy a drink? Name your poison, they have it. Cocktails, champagne, vodka. Etc. The last time I was there, I think the waitress said for specific drinks, the bottle had to be bought. Maybe I just didn’t understand her.

You have to try the mojitos there. It’s my favourite. If you’re a shisha (hookah) person, you can get that too.

There’s also Sunday brunch at the terrace from 12-5pm.


Average prices range from about N2500 – N3500. (That’s about $15-$21/9GBP-12GBP). Of course it could be more or less depending on what you want. In my opinion the prices are quite reasonable.

So if you’re looking for a place that you can hang out, while enjoying a drink or two, while watching the sunset and listening to a dj churn out tunes from every era, you’ve found it. They are open till about 2am every day.

I tried to get some pictures of the inside section without looking like a weirdo. The outer section was gotten from their instagram page @theorcahrdterrace

Whenever you’re in the area, check it out.

image (2)

Section of the bar


What do you think?

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