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Lewis Hamilton For A Day

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And you’re off trying to break the speed limit while navigating bends, hitting the brakes and avoiding others on the track. People are cheering in the lounge and you realise what Lewis Hamilton must feel like when zooming away during his laps. From nowhere you’re suddenly competitive like there’s a golden cup to win at the end. You’re also feeling really cool with yourself as you can speed to your hearts content without getting pulled over by the police who asks you ‘why you dey fly, abi you be thief?’.

You shoot up a peace sign every time you fly past a camera and suddenly realise your 10 laps are over. You reluctantly get out of your kart and give back your helmet because you realise you’re no longer a race car driver. You’re however happy that you got to experience what it feels like.

You’ve worked up an appetite but luckily there’s a restaurant/lounge on the premises for you to quiet your tummy’s rumblings. After a quick peek at the menu, you realise there’s nothing on it that catches your fancy and decide to order a drink even though it’s over priced.

On your way out you notice that there’s a section for kids with arcades and indoor climbing and make a mental note to bring your kids or little cousins along the next time you’re coming. At least that’s another option for them if they don’t want to spend the day racing.

You leave The GET Arena with a smile on your face, happy that there’s a place in Lagos where you get to be Lewis Hamilton for the day.

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My final verdict? The cars could be faster and better and the price could be cheaper, but that’s just me. Good day all together, and my brother felt it was better than he expected.

Basic Info

Address – GET Arena Land Bridge Way (Off Ozumba Mbadiwe), Oniru Estate, Lekki, Lagos

Tel – 08093331115

Email –

The track is open from 12pm-9pm (Tue -Thu) and 12pm-10pm (Fri-Sun)

Kids are allowed on the track from 12pm-5pm (Tue -Sun)

Price for 10 lapsN3000 for adults (10GBP, 13 EUR & $15), N2500 for kids (8GBP, 11 EUR & $13). My brother and I felt it was over priced, but this is just our opinion.

Kids must be between the ages of 6-16

Parking is available and it’s FREE

Cash & Cards are accepted

They give clinical caps to wear under the helmets so as to avoid any issues like lice.

Prices for arcade and wall climbing are NOT included in go karting price.

The lounge and restaurants cater for private parties.

You can book the track just for you and your friends but it has to be a minimum of 10 people.

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