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Lights, Camera, Beauty | Niger Bridge Is Officially Nigeria’s Most Beautiful Bridge

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

In the last three months, the Niger Bridge has probably gotten as much love as it did when it was first opened 55 years ago. Since its rebirth, it has been photo after photo, all in admiration of the glowing beauty that the 1.4km bridge has become.

When the Life Lager Beer team set out to light up the full length of the bridge, they possibly didn’t imagine it would turn out to be as spectacular as it is right now, giving commuters a lovely sight to behold every time they drive by. Before, travellers used to look forward to just seeing the large mass of water on either side of the bridge, or wait to feel that sense of home as they approach the bridge, now all they want to do is stop and take a photo.

On August 1, 2020, the amazing team behind the Niger Bridge’s new look turned on the lights of the bridge for the first time, and have not turned it off since. The neon light decor on the bridge, with varying colours of blue, red, green, yellow and more, gives off an exciting vibe when you drive the length of the bridge, especially at night. This vibe is best felt through the reflection the lights cast on the water.

Beyond just the lighting, the signage from Life Lager adds a little extra to what makes the bridge stunning. The signage which reads “Enjoy Life Responsibly”, is a gentle reminder of everything the brand believes, but more of a timeless piece of advice.

The Niger Bridge holds great significance to the people of South Eastern Nigeria, as it has been a passage to opportunities, and a symbol of progress. Even to Nigeria as a country, it represents a sign of unity as it connects the West and the Southern part of the country. Now, its newest accolade is that of most beautiful and it will wear that crown for a good time.


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