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Maison Fahrenheit

I’m a sucker for things that are aesthetically pretty and also don’t disappoint. This is where Maison Fahrenheit comes in. Dare I say, it’s the prettiest hotel I’ve seen in Lagos so far. If you’ve see prettier, please feel free to prove me wrong. I walked in and thought ‘someone stole my hotel’.

Maison Fahrenheit is an ultra modern, luxury boutique hotel with about 30 uniquely designed rooms owned by Anselm Tabansi.. This hotel reminds me of the W hotels because of its sleek and quirky design.


It can be found on Victoria Island, opposite Eko Hotel, and this doesn’t reduce the amount of people who go to either as they cater to different clientele.

When I got there, after appreciating the art that is the lobby, I headed to the roof top bar & lounge called Rue 80. I loved the elevator, it’s glass and allows you see what’s going on outside.

Rue 80 gives up a Miami vibe with its cabanas, giant Buddhas, plush sofas and neutral decor. The view from there is spectacular, and you suddenly forget about whatever chaos you may have left behind before coming there.


This was the settling point for the day, and I dove into one of the sofas. A waiter brought the menu and we just got some drinks and snacks. Our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful. When our order came, my friend and I just sat down and enjoyed the atmosphere. At some point in time, I found myself sitting on the floor because it’s that kind of place. You sit down, relax, forget time and simply enjoy the view. If you want to watch tv while you’re there, that’s also possible.

After asking if I could sleep on the rooftop and how much it would cost, I asked for a tour of the room and was please when they agreed to show me a couple.

The rooms are all differently decorated. No two rooms were the same. The bathrooms are also different in the sense that they do not have a bath tub or shower cubicle. It is apparently called a ‘French style bathroom’. I liked each room and for me, it means you get a different experience in each room. The suite called the wow suite is all white. From the headboards right down to the furniture. Clearly no expense is spared when it comes to decorating and there is alot of attention to detail.


After a tour of the rooms, we all headed downstairs and I had a quick look through their intercontinental restaurant called La Spiga which also has its own quirks and style.

Our guide told us that every Sunday, there is an event at the roof top lounge so if any of you are interested in listening to some jazz on a rooftop, this is the place to be.

I loved coming here and it was nice to see a hotel which was very different from the norm. I kept urging my friend to throw a birthday party there so I would have an excuse to come back. Hopefully my advice is taken.

In my friends words, ‘its good for people that want to get away from the norms of Lagos. The decor takes you anywhere in the world with international standards of design and creativity not often seen in Lagos’

So if you’re looking for a place that is different and fun, or if you simply want to watch the sun set while sipping on a drink or two, look no further, Maison Fahrenheit has come to the rescue.

Useful Info

1. Parking is available.

2. Walk-in guests are welcome, but as with all hotels, you have to order something.

3. Cash and card are accepted.

4. Check in – 1 PM and check out – 12 Noon.

5. Wifi is available

6. Rooms rates range from  N 54, 000 – N 120, 000 (172GBP – 382GBP,  239EUR – 530EUR & $272 – $604)

7. Reservations can be made by phone or online.

8. Breakfast is included.

9. They usually have special offers which can be found on their website.

10. Roof top bar & lounge closes at 4 AM

11. Check out their website here.

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Review Summary

Food – 6/10 (We didn’t really order any food)

Staff – 8 (They were accommodating and polite)

Decor – 9.5

Vibe – Quirky (My friend said it doesn’t group you in a box like other top hotels in Lagos.)

Good for – The roof top is good for working, relaxing, parties etc.  Also good for dinners, dates and events.


Contact details

Address – 80 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, V.I, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel – +2349098762063,  +23419044500/1

Email –

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