Miami to Lagos

​​​Jenny recently came to Nigeria for a short trip and her boyfriend contacted us about tour packages they could enjoy during her stay here.

Read all about Jenny’s experience below.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Jenny and I’m an event coordinator. I enjoy going to the beach, traveling and also spending time with family and friends. I like engaging in water sports such as skydiving and parasailing. I also like trying out new restaurants, adventurous activities and watching movies. In the future, I plan on visiting other countries and exploring new cultures and traditions.


  1. Why did you come to Nigeria?

I came to Nigeria to visit my boyfriend as well as some of our friends. It was also a great opportunity to travel to a new country and experience something new.


  1. Where was your base for the trip to Nigeria and what did you think of it?

I stayed in Lagos. I thought it was great! Everyone I met along the way from the moment I landed was very friendly and welcoming. I thought the food was really nice and I enjoyed traveling to a different state and sightseeing! 

  1. Where did you visit and what did you think of them?

Day 1 –  I went to the slave museum in Badagry and experienced walking the slave route. It was very educational and it was something I will always remember. The tour guide was great and made the tour very interesting.

Day 2 –  We went to the University of Ibadan’s zoological garden and then visited the Agodi Gardens which was very nice; they also had a small zoo. We ate at the and it was my first time trying Jollof rice. After we went to the O’dua museum in Cocoa house which was interesting because I got to learn more about the Yoruba tribe.


Day 3 – We went to La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lekki which was my favorite part of the trip by far! It was beautiful, the beach was very nice, they had one of longest pools and the food was fresh! Overall it was a great resort with lots to do.


Other places included the Hard Rock Cafe, Bottles restaurant, Pablo’s and Club 57. Some of the restaurants we visited were ‘The Place‘, Samantha’s Bistro (which I highly recommend, I had the best burger there) and chefvys which served delicious food!

  1. What was your favorite place?

My favorite place was the Hard Rock Cafe and La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort by far!


  1. What was the most interesting food you had?

The most interesting food was Jollof rice; it has a tomato based taste to it which was new to me.


I also had Suya which was very spicy but the flavors pops in your mouth!

Overall I had to adjust to the food, I enjoy spicy foods but the spices were different and at times too spicy for me! Lol. I enjoyed eating pepper and barbecue chicken as well as spaghetti!

  1. Who was the most interesting person you met?

The most interesting person I met was the tour guide at the slave museum in Badagry. He was very funny while he was showing us around and was was also quite engaging! He did a very good job and was also knowledgeable on the slave history in Nigeria. 


  1. Did you have any embarrassing moments during your trip?

The most embarrassing moment was getting bitten by bugs! I highly recommend not going to the beach when it has been raining. I got bit by sand flies when I went to the resort however my time was so amazing. That was the only minimal thing that occurred.

  1. Did you learn any foreign words? If yes which?

I did not learn any foreign words, however I did get to hear a lot of the Yoruba language!