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Mount Patti | A Hiker’s Paradise


Getting ready to conquer Mount Patti


Mount Patti is 1,500 ft above sea level and it’s a hiker’s dream. The views on the way up are phenomenal and while some prefer to drive up the hill we wouldn’t recommend it. I mean where’s the fun in that? Plus driving can be dangerous especially if you’ve never driven on it.

Forget the sharp bends and steep drops, just get out of the car and get your fit fam on.

couple goals

Someone jogging on Mount Patti and putting our tired selves to shame


This mountain used to serve as a place of refuge for its earliest inhabitants who were sent down to the Niger valley by colonial administrators. ‘Patti’, is a Nupe word which means hill. This pretty much makes its name ‘Mount Mountain’.

One of the highlights of hiking up Mount Patti is seeing the town below. The views are second to none and it makes you appreciate nature and its beauty. Some of us even had to climb slightly dodgy rocks to get a good view.

It was while looking at Lokoja from the top of Mount Patti that Flora Shaw (Lord Luggard’s wife) decided that our country would be named Nigeria meaning Niger area. This came to her mind because she could see River Niger from there.


Very sure this was what Flora Shaw was staring at when she coined the name ‘Nigeria’


Things we do for the perfect shot


Amazing view of River Niger & River Benue


At the top of Mount Patti, there’s a statue of Lord Luggard and his