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Moyo Unravels Omu Resort | Family Day Out

Moyo Okusanya recently took a family trip to Omu Resort and willingly shared her story with us. She is a hotelier, marketing expert, wife and mum. We hope you enjoy her story.


For the second year in a row, my cousins and I decided to have a family reunion outing in Lagos and one of my cousins (I would like to call him the Chief Planner) mentioned Omu Resort… My first thought was huh! Where is that?


I decided to check on Google and good enough they had a website and an Instagram handle so I was fully informed of where we were going to… which was a plus because the anticipation was high.

So on the 7th of January, we all met at the first Lekki tollgate (convoy of 6 cars to proceed to Omu resort in Bodije Town just after Lakowe (this is in the Ajah environs). Traffic was in our favour so we were there before 11am (we were coming from the mainland and had left home at about 9 ish). With a family of 20 adults and 9 children above the age of 4, the damage to our pockets was N70, 400 ($353.64) which was about N3, 000 ($15.07) per adult and N2, 000 ($10.05) for children.  This gave us access to the full facility except go-karting and quad bikes which required an extra fee.

My first thoughts upon arrival was hmmmm…. ‘Nice large reception area to hold everyone in while we sort out payment’. Immediately we got into the facility, the kids (and some adults too) ran for the swings. I must admit if felt good to be on a swing again. Just behind the swings was the zoo; so naturally we proceeded there. They had a fair amount of animals from Geese to spotted and striped Hyenas, snakes, a camel, a baboon, a monkey, alligators, Tortoise, Porcupine and Ostriches. I hope I didn’t miss out any animal. Oh, they also had a Lion (there was going to be a side attraction later in the day which was watching the Lion being fed with a life goat).


They had a large space where there were some “amusement park rides”, bouncy castles for the kids and canopies with chairs and tables to rest and relax (did I mention we had to pay N2, 000 ($10.05) flat to bring in our own food and drinks? – this wasn’t too bad for a group of 20 adults and the amount of food and drinks that we brought in).

At 1pm, the water park area was opened and the kids were happy to splash around; they also have an adult sized swimming pool which issn’t too deep; so even if you don’t know how to swim, you can still go in and play some ball games.


The highlight for my male cousins was the archery section; especially because they were able to score a couple of bull’s-eye shots.


I especially loved the separate/housed kiddies play area which was very safe and also made it easy to keep an eye on the kids.

There was horse riding too so the kids got the feeling of being at the beach.

After 5 hours of fun, it was difficult to round everyone together for a final picture on the hill of tyres as everyone had chosen their fun spot and stayed there.


Omu resort has something for every member of family; I’m sure even the elderly will have fun play some mini golf and going around the Zoo.


We hope you enjoyed Moyo’s account of her visit.

Have you ever been there? What did you think? We will definitely be checking it out soon.

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