Obudu Cattle Ranch | 4 Days & 3 Nights

Wild Days And Quiet Nights At Obudu Cattle Ranch

It all started with this picture.


Obudu has a reputation for being a place to visit in Nigeria but the logistics tend to scare people away as getting there can be a herculean task. However, this hasn’t deterred too many people from visiting and taking amazing shots. In Dec, we put up one of the many pictures of Obudu above on instagram and below is exactly what happened.


What were the odds of being invited to Obudu?? The Obudu Conservation Center emailed us almost immediately after our Instagram banter. Always shoot your shot people, your wishes may just come true.

 I had been wondering what I was going to do over the Christmas holidays as I hadn’t made any plans. When this happened, I was over the moon. They were also kind enough to allow me bring a plus one so I got to take my friend along for this trip.


The Obudu Conservation Center (OCC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that dedicates its efforts and proceeds to the education, protection, preservation and restoration of the environment and wildlife. They are independent of the cattle ranch hence they have their own cabins on the ranch and are self sufficient.

Obudu Cattle Ranch is a range of mountains on the Obudu Plateau with a resort built around it and the villages found within the ranch. It is named after cattle as they are found roaming about there.

It is close to the borders of Cameroun and often while you’re there you can see people who have crossed the mountains to trade in Nigeria.


With features such as the cable cars, water parks, sports facilities, convention centers and more, it’s no surprise that it’s touted as a place one must visit in Nigeria.

After sorting everything out with the conservation center, they sent us a packing list, itinerary, flight options, we picked a date, mapped our route and we were set to go on our journey.

It was everything and more and I can’t wait to go back there. I mean watch how much fun we had.


Our itinerary went as follows:

Day 1

My friend and I were on the Arik Air 7.30am flight to Enugu and once we boarded, the excitement tripled. It was our first time in the East and we couldn’t believe we were finally going to the famous Obudu.


Our flight didn’t take off at 7.30 prompt but we didn’t care. We landed Enugu, found the driver OCC had sent to pick us up and we started our road trip.

The roads were horrible (sometimes it was untarred, huge potholes etc) for most of the journey and we were car sick after a while. The government (both federal and state) need to look into this.

We took in the sights and sounds of South East Nigeria as we navigated from Enugu, through Ebonyi, Cross River State and then finally the ranch.

Immediately we got to the ranch, we ran out of the car, took the customary picture infront of the gate and started the drive up the hill.


whoop whoop, we made it


We got to our cabins, were welcomed by our hosts and rested before we headed out.

Our first point of call was Becheve Nature Reserve. It is named after one of the villages on the ranch and is home to various species of migratory birds, a 60km canopy walk and various plant species.


View from the canopy walk


After our tour of the nature reserve, we headed off to the highlight of the trip. THE CABLE CARS!!!

They have been stories from various people (hi Enefa & Travel With A Pen) on how during their visits to Obudu, the cable cars weren’t functioning. However, we were in luck as they had just been fixed and we were the first to try them out. Our host had refused to put it on the itinerary as a surprise and it was a pleasant one. The views from riding in this were amazing and one everyone must see. It gives you a bird’s eye view of most of the ranch. From the cows grazing past to the winding roads.


Inside the cable car


View from the cable car


While guests pay a fee for this ride, the villagers are allowed to use it for free to get from the top of the mountains to the bottom.

After the exhilarating ride, we went back to our cabins, had dinner and ended the night with a game of scrabble and music blaring in the background.


Peep our boombox


Day 2

Today was for touring the grounds. My friend and I didn’t know we could walk for that long but the views made up for it.


We were shown the different accommodation types (From the African Huts to the Presidential cabin).


Black Panther & Pink Panther


The African huts




We also saw the area for the woodluck program that the conservation organisation is carrying out (this is replanting in the areas that have been damaged due to cow grazing, fires etc), the OCC farm (strawberries, cabbages, carrots and more are being grown), literally trekking through the jungle to see the NGO’s efforts and discovering the many waterfalls on the ranch.


Some volunteers helping with the woodluck program