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Pastry Delight | Bread Lounge

Bread Lounge is the new, shiny attractive kid on the block. I had been lusting after them ever since they invaded my social media space so when the chance came to check it out, I hopped on it. It’s a mix between a coffee and pastry shop. Think Cafe Neo without the geekiness and a lot more cakes and bread.


Upon entry you can tell that work is still going on. It’s a huge space but not fully functional yet. Hopefully the space upstairs is being put to great use. From the set up, it looked like downstairs might be the proper eating area and upstairs would be the working area. However for now to get service, you have to head upstairs.


I liked the sitting area upstairs. It was comfortable and simple in terms of decor.They also had an interesting wall mural. Asides that, there wasn’t alot going for it.


The menu at Bread lounge ranges from muffins to bread. While we were making our order, we were told we could try the suya bread as there was a complimentary tray. The taste reminded me of danbunama (shredded suya) which wasn’t so bad. I do wish the bread was warmer though but perhaps that might ruin the suya effect.


Our order included

  1. Blueberry swirl loaf – N650 ($3)

  2. Caramel glazed donuts – N350 ($1.76)

  3. Cappuccino donut – N350 ($1.76)

  4. Blueberry muffin – N300 ($1.51)

  5. Mixed fruit freeze – N700 ($3.52)

  6. Ice Caramel Latte – N1000 ($5)