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Picasso Picasso | Sip & Dip


From brush strokes to mixing colours, the painting of the northern crooner is slowly brought to life, we are the next Van Gohs in the making and Paint The Night Africa helped us to harness that. With the slogan ‘sip & dip’, paint the night Africa brings something fresh to the scene on things you can do for fun. The great part is you don’t need any talent to join in. While there was no ‘sipping’ as advertised, (apparently they don’t provide drinks, you are expected to buy it at the venue) it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

The location & time for each session changes and our session was held in the lobby of  Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos. And after we located our crew, we picked our spots and were ready to ‘paint the day away’. The class was filled with people of different age ranges which made for a good time.


It starts of with the teacher showing off the painting to be copied and ensuring everyone in the class has the right materials in front of them (this is provided by them). Once this is sorted, the teacher instructs us on our to unleash our artistic sides. The feeling of being in front of a canvas and realising how lines and shapes come together to form a picture was a nice feeling for me.


The class was also filled with light banter and laughter as we all poked fun at each other’s attempt at creating the perfect work of art. Healthy competition was also created in the race to finish the painting first. Our tutor also went round inspecting and helping us with the finishing.


It was quite an enjoyable afternoon and another fun and unique way to spend the day. While I was disappointed by the lack of sipping, it was nice to try my hand at something new and make friends in the process. I think it’s also a great way to encourage those with artistic sides by making art a fun and cool thing to do. Best part? I have my artwork hanging proudly in my house. 🙂

Fancy trying your hand at painting, follow them here and if you find a venue/time that suits you, just send them an email. It costs N5,000 ($25) per person and note there are no ‘sips’ as the name suggests.

Ever went sipping and dipping with PTNA? How did it go? x

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*please note that review and prices are based on the time of visitation and are based on personal thoughts/feelings.

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