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Restaurant Of The Week | Casper & Gambini’s

Address: 1089 Agoro Odiyan St, Victoria Island, Lagos

I have driven past Casper & Gambini’s a million times. I always thought the exterior looked cool but never had a strong desire to dine at the restaurant. My college buddy was in the country for a few days and I haven’t seen her in ages.  The plan was to pick her up at Lekki phase 1 and I figured we could hang at Sailors lounge. Unfortunately, she went there the night before and wasn’t keen on going back. The search for an alternate spot began.

Suya was the preferred option because it been forever since she had some suya to eat.  The suya at Mega plaza is one of the best in my opinion so our journey to Victoria Island began. She hated the look of the suya at Mega plaza; ‘Too oily” were her exact words. She spotted Casper & Gambini’s as we drove by and even though it didn’t scream suya in any way, we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant had a good number of people in it for a Monday night at 9:30pm. The interior of the restaurant looked nice and tastefully done. I particularly liked the bar with the white and black streaked marble top. We found seats and the waiter brought the menus.


The menu is very extensive offering a diverse range of items to choose from. It includes a breakfast menu, garden salads, handcrafted burgers and homemade pastas to mention a few items.  We spotted the Suya Mixed Grill (Meat & chicken skewers, tomato, onion and coleslaw served with French fries) and the Prawn Suya (Grilled Prawn with suya spices, tomato, onion and coleslaw served with French fries). The night started out with us looking for suya so there was no way we could pass on it.



Complimentary bread sticks and hummus as a dip was brought to our table. To be honest, I would have preferred bread rolls but its complimentary so I can’t rail against it.


For our drinks, we ordered the virgin ginger mojito which is a house specialty. For a non-alcoholic cocktail, it was refreshingly good and I liked the presentation of the drink in a shaker (secretly I started to wish I ordered an alcoholic beverage).


Shake it like a polaroid picture


Our meals came and the plating was okay.


The French fries where firm and crispy, good fries in Lagos is underrated. The shrimp suya was good but in terms of seafood suya the calamari suya I had at Crust and Cream still takes the cake. The meat and chicken suya weren’t the best I had ever had either, however, my friend in her exact words said, “this is the best food I have eaten since I got to Nigeria.”

She hadn’t had suya in a long time and I don’t think she had eaten out much since she arrived, so am chucking that statement to that. The service was decent and the meals arrived quickly.  We talked about old college friends and the good old days. Casper & Gambini’s was a fine backdrop for the night and for old friends to catch up.

Hole Burnt in Pocket

Ginger Mojito Mocktail: ₦ 2400

Prawn Suya: ₦7400

Suya Mixed Suya: ₦4500

Ever been there? What did you try and how was it?


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*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

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