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Restaurant Of The Week | Craft Gourmet

You Fancy huh?

When I picked Craft Gorumet by Lou Baker to have a celebratory Sunday lunch I wasn’t sure what to expect.


I had seen pretty pictures that gave me fancy/Parisian vibes but that was pretty much all I knew.

Tucked in Mega plaza is this quaint little restaurant that looks like it didn’t really belong in a shopping mall. We stepped in and I absolutely loved the space. It was small but the space was used wisely and the mix of colors worked well with the lighting. It was simply gorgeous.


When we got there, there were a few people still enjoying Sunday brunch and more trooped in before we left.

Our waiter was super helpful and accommodated our request to be seated next to a socket so that we could get some work done.


Did someone say Paris?


The menu came and the first thing we noticed were the prices. Let’s just say it’s not the cheapest restaurant in town and on some level, I wasn’t surprised.

We got around to ordering a mojito, calamari & prawn pasta, fried rice and beef sauce and a ginger type drink.

While waiting for our orders to come we looked round and observed the restaurant. People were chattering away over hearty meals, catching up with friends, taking pictures for the gram and some were just enjoying the ambiance of Craft Gourmet with their families.


My only complaint (which probably doesn’t matter) was that the view outside wasn’t particularly the best but I suppose there’s only so much you can do when you’re located in a building complex.

Soon our meals came and we dug in. I had worried that the portions might be not be decent as is the case in fancy restaurants but thankfully this didn’t happen.