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Restaurant Of The Week | Iya Yusuf

Iya Yusuf

@unravellingnigeria : Where do you think we can have a local eating experience in Kwara State.

Mr Y: T&K or Iya Yusuf.


We headed to Kwara State armed with two names that would form a part of our local dining experience.

Sunday came and we asked our security what he thought of T&K & Iya Yusuf.

@unravellingnigeria: Someone suggested T&K or Iya Yusuf. What do you think?

Security guard: Ah, I prefer Iya Yusuf, plus today na Sunday and T&K no dey open on Sundays.

Since T&K was closed, going to Iya Yusuf was a no brainer and off we went.


Iya Yusuf is a ‘posh’ bukka located on Tanke road in Ilorin and they specialise in local delicacies.

The restaurant was neatly arranged and clean. It also had taps on both sides for those who would rather use their hands to eat their meals (pounded yam, eba etc).


All the meals on offer are in a see through food display unit, you point at what you want, choose a drink and pay for your meal.

Now we didn’t go all the way to Ilorin to eat rice so everyone ordered some form of local food or the other.

The general consensus? The food was amazing. I could see why the security picked it over T&K. The egusi was finger looking good and the pomo was cooked to perfection.

The only complaint for those of us who got pounded yam was that it took a while to come out but it was worth it.


The egusi was the truth


When the food is so good, you break into a sweat just devouring it. Pic Cred – Travel With A Pen


We were happy, full and some even went back for more. On our way out, we were blessed with a gorgeous view of the moon.


The moon came out to say hi. Pic Cred – Travel With A Pen


The next day when we met up with Mr. Mopa, we told him about dinner at Iya Yusuf and his words were ‘my wife prefers Iya Yusuf to T&K’. This told us that we didn’t miss out on anything by foregoing T&K and we had made the right choice.

Till we find a better local eatery, Iya Yusuf is the go to place for us in Ilorin. If you ever find yourself visiting the state capital, ensure you stop there and grab a bite to eat. You won’t regret it.


Thinking about the food he just ate. Pic cred – Travel With A Pen


Have you been to Iya Yusuf? Yay or nay to eating there.



*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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