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Maison Keyser is one of the new kids on the block. The bakery franchise finally made its way down to Nigeria with a twist. As at the time of visiting they were 2 months old.

Maison Keyser loosely translated to house of Keyser  is famous first for its pastries and then adds extra things from country to country to cater to local clientele.

The one in Lagos has a restaurant added to it because you know Nigerians are not going anywhere just to buy bread no matter how fancy it is.

Maison Keyser makes use of natural lights with floor to ceiling windows. This helps bring outside ‘inside’ and vice versa.

Made up of two floors, the bottom is ‘invincibly’ divided into 2 sections. The right side for pastries, bread and ice cream while the left is where the diners sit.

Upstairs has a play area for kids which makes it a great family restaurant. There is also a seating area outside which is cool in concept but with the kind of sun we have in Lagos, it’s probably best to stay there in the evenings.

On our first visit, we got mojitos, a coke, a Hawaiian pizza and a burger. On our second visit, we got a lemonade, blue lagoon cocktail, Hawaiian pizza and pasta.

 For the first visit, a bread basket was brought out while we waited for our meal and the service was also really quick.

I thought the pizza had a weird taste but then I realized it was because the tomatoes were fresh and as a bush girl I wasn’t used to eating pizzas that hadn’t been over baked thereby drying out the ingredients. The burger was also good and there were no complaints there.

On our 2nd visit, we noticed we weren’t given a bread basket and the service was slightly delayed. However, we’ll chuck it up to the restaurant being busy.

The pizza didn’t seem to taste as good/fresh as the first time and the pasta wasn’t particularly great (and I know my pasta). The drinks however were nice. The lemonade had an interesting taste to it and I loved my cocktail.

Both visits were enjoyable and the staff even made sure to make funny faces while videos were being recorded and moved out of the way for pictures.

The major plus for Maison Keyser in our opinion is how affordable it is. Finding places that aren’t hard hitting on pockets in Lagos is difficult and for that this restaurants fills that spot.

Maybe for our third visit, we’ll finally try the pastry that made this chain famous.

Ever been to Maison Keyser? What are your thoughts?


*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

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