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Restaurant Of The Week | Mint By EGC

When Pounded Yam Goes To Havard And Meets The Richest Seafood Okra

Some of my favorite experiences start from Instagram and my culinary experience at Mint by EGC was no different.

It started out with my Instagram post on yellow chilli’s sea food okra. Kemi Onabanjo commented that she heard the seafood okra at Mint was calorie friendly/oil-less and we decided to plan a lunch date and check it out.


The restaurant prides itself in serving yummy food (both international & Nigerian) with the freshest ingredients and in the healthiest ways possible.

Part of the space is also used for yoga so you can think of it as the full wellness package.

The restaurant doesn’t have a lot going on decor wise. You notice brown and green are used a lot and this is probably to project earthy vibes. Even the waiters wear green, leafy shirts.


Before Kemi arrived, I ordered a Mojito and even though I already knew what we were going to order, I proceeded to go through the menu to get an idea of what was on offer.


A healthy mojito


From pastas, to burgers, pounded yam to to porridge, they have a variety to choose from.

Kemi arrived, we ordered the seafood okra with pounded yam and plantain ‘amala’, water and mango juice.

While waiting for our meals, the manager came out to meet us and gave us spring rolls on the house. I can be funny about spring rolls sometimes but these had just the right amount of crunch without being excessively dry.


Spring rolls anyone?


Not long after finishing with our starters, our mains came out and we couldn’t believe the portions. They were huge and definitely had a lot more seafood in it when compared to yellow chilli. They had crabs, fish, shrimp etc and true to their word, it was oil-less.

The pounded yam was perfectly rolled, I almost felt like this was a fork and knife type of meal.


This isn’t poundo yam.


We dug in and it was yummy. Even though we came hungry we realised we could not finish everything and decided to pack up half of it so we could do proper justice to it later on in our homes. Kemi was nice enough to give some of hers to a friend who stopped by.


Kemi’s smile after finding a crab.


All in a day’s work


Itis kicked in but alas, we couldn’t laze around for too long as Kemi had to go to church that evening for Good Friday service ( I had gone in the morning).

We both enjoyed our meals and the staff were very nice and indulged us by taking our pictures.


Look for her, she was great.


I was also surprised to find out later on via Instagram that the pounded yam was original not poundo flour as I had implied in my insta stories.

The bill dug a hole of about N15,000 in our pockets which was surprising as we thought it would cost a lot more considering the richness of the okra.


The best part? I made a new friend as I had met Kemi only once and it was quite brief. There’s nothing better than making friends while trying out a new restaurant.


Other Details

Address – Plot 5A, No 33 Grace Anjous Road Lekki Phase 1

Tel – 08140685197, 08142804131

Opening hours – Everyday 12pm – 10pm

Payment – Cash & pos

Parking – Limited

They also deliver to Ikoyi, Victoria Island and within Lekki

Have you ever tried the seafood okra at Mint? What restaurant do you think serves the best seafood okra?



*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners

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