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Restaurant Of The Week | Scarlet Lodge

Scarlet Lodge and another location were the options for a catch up session with my friend. Due to my pettiness, I opted for Scarlet. This decision came back to bite me.

Located on Youins Bahsorun street in VI, Scarlett Lodge is a boutique hotel that calls itself an escape from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

We decided to dine at the pool side restaurant because my friend needed the sun for his hangover Vitamin D.

Menus were brought quickly and we made our orders.

  1. A Later Skater and Penne Cremosa pasta (with chicken & shrimp) for me

  2. A Mexican burger and a beer for my friend.


Everything went downhill from here with MY order.

Our drinks came out and while I sipped on it, I saw a strand of hair in the pineapple that was used to ‘decorate’ my glass. After complaining the waiter hurriedly took it away and replaced it.


Later Skater with a side of hair


Next up were our meals and I was ready to dig in because I was hungry. My pasta tasted quite good surprisingly and after a couple of bites, guess what I saw in my pasta? Yup, you guessed it. HAIR!!

Clearly someone in the kitchen wasn’t wearing a hair net or there’s hair everywhere in the kitchen. I had already eaten half way and shuddered at the thought that I might have swallowed bits and bobs of hair.

The waiter apologized AGAIN, but honestly I wasn’t in the mood for my food to be replaced. I wasn’t trying to get sick.

My friend on the other hand said his Mexican burger was decent even though he didn’t check for any unwelcome visitors that might have landed in his meal. I took this with a pinch of salt considering his state; besides the burger looked basic.


Hairy pasta


Mexican burger


With all that happened, we paid the bill (yes they insisted on us paying for my meal) and we were more than ready to leave. The prices were decent, I do think the cost for chicken/shrimp was a bit ridiculous as they could have just added it as a package deal with the pasta and come up with one price.


Later Skater – N3,500

Penne Cremosa – N2,800

Chicken in pasta – N1,000

Shrimp – N1,500

Mexican Burger – N4,500

The ambiance was nice, so that’s one positive on the dining experience.

Will I be dining at Scarlet Lodge again? Definitely NOT! Have you ever eaten at Scarlet Lodge? Did you have a horrible experience like I did or were you lucky? Let us know in the comment section.

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