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Restaurant of the Week – Spice Route

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, so I had offers from people to take me out. Lucky for me and for you guys.

First up on the list of birthday lunches is Spice Route. I’ve heard of spice route before, so I was really excited when my friend said that was were we would be having lunch. Not only is it a high class pan Asian restaurant, it also comes alive in the the night time and turns into a club. It is one of the hot spots for clubbing right now, this may change next month as with all clubs in Lagos.

When I got there, in my mind I went ‘this is the famous spice route?’ I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as the outside was doing nothing for me. It shares a compound with a couple of other restaurants.



When I got to the entrance, the security guard asked where I was going, and after telling her spice route, she ushered me into the lift and pressed the floor where it was (2nd Floor).

You ever heard don’t judge a book by its cover? That’s exactly what happened in this situation. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped in there and I could see why Lagosians have taken a liking to it. The interior is very very nice and the ambience is really good.

Of course my lunch date was late but I didn’t mind, it gave me time to take pictures. The waitress told me I could wait in the ‘reception area’ and I liked the concept of the tables there.


Entrance to Spice Route which leads straight to the waiting area and bar.


Waterfall at waiting area


Part of the bar area, and where the night time shenanigans happen. The stairs by the side lead up to the dining area.