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Restaurant Of The Week | Toasties By BiscuitBoneBlog

Guess who’s back with another restaurant review? Yup you guessed right, Mr. Pratt. This time he takes us to Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog.


My girl loves cheese especially in her sandwiches. I think there is something about the melted warm cheese running over her hands that does it for her.  So, when I came across a Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog  Instagram post with a scrumptious looking cheesy sandwich I knew we had to check out the spot;  plus, it’s a great idea to score points with bae whenever you can (that’s ‘free smoke’ for the youngins).

Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog is located at Nakenohs Blvd. 4, Bank Rd (Murtala Mohammed Drive), Ikoyi, Lagos.


The location is a quasi-mall space which is the simplest label I can give it. However, the toasties space gives off an outdoor bistro vibe with the plants and flowers. There are two other restaurants on the strip with toasties at the end of it. Table benches are available for would be customers to eat or wait for their orders. My guess is most orders are take-away and probably deliveries.


There is a blackboard with the menu written on it so we looked at the options available and placed our orders. She had the ‘3 cheese’ which is a toasted sandwich with smoked cheddar, gruyere and Gouda cheeses. She added chicken to the sandwich because she still wanted some meat in there.


I’m a breakfast kinda guy so I had pancakes with eggs and bacon strips. My pancakes were nice and fluffy. I couldn’t tell if it was made from scratch or from a box. The eggs were nicely cooked and the bacon strip was just the right level of crispiness. She described her sandwich with two words ‘cheesy goodness.’


Finger prints from our oily hands.


Toasties by BiscuitBoneBlog gets a thumb’s up in my book. Bae loved it which is a score for me. I would definitely go back for the sandwiches and check out some of the other options available. The shaki sandwich sounds intriguing.  I think the sandwiches will make a great lunch break meal.



If you plan on getting exactly what bae and I got, then check out the prices below.

3 Cheese sandwich – N2,300 ($7)

Pancakes – N1,200 ($3.81)

Eggs – N200 ($0.64)

Bacon – N400 ($1.27)

Chicken – N400 ($1.27)

Other things to note include payment options include card/cash and parking is available.


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*foreign conversion is based on the current rate of the Naira and is subject to change.

*prices written are based on the time the visit was made and is subject to change by the owners.

*Reviews are based on opinions and personal experiences, and may differ from person to person

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