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I know, I know, long time no post. I’m trying to stop giving excuses so I’m just going to say I’m sorry. I hope this post makes up for it.

Let me just warn that this will be a picture heavy post, and not a lot of talking.

Who says you can only get the beach experience in Miami, the Caribbean, Turkey etc. I’m proud to say you can also get a fantastic beach experience right here in Lagos, Nigeria.

I recently went to La Campagne Tropicana which is a beach resort that is African themed, and it was nothing short of amazing. It has everything you would require from a beach. It’s peaceful, but still has a lot of activities for those who don’t want to just be beach bums. And the best part? Chalets are available, so you can stay over if you want, depending on how far away you stay.

You literally have to remind yourself you’re still in Nigeria because everything else just seems very faraway and distant. Their slogan is ‘a blissful marriage of man and nature‘ and I totally agree.

So it was a bright and sunny day and we set off for La Campange Tropicana. It’s pretty far so if you’re planning on making it a day trip, I would advise you set off very early in the morning so you get the most of it, and you can take your time. But if you plan on staying over then you can leave when you want, but keep in mind Lagos traffic.

It is located in Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki which is on the way to Epe, so it’s quite a distance.

They like to refer to themselves as a republic of their own, as they have their own way of dressing and greeting for both male and female.

When we got there, we were ushered into a hut which serves as the reception. Everything in La Campagne is African themed, from the furniture to their chalets. I’ll do a separate post on their accommodation.

When you get into the reception, you are asked to write down your name in a register. This is so they can keep track of everyone who comes in. After this you are offered sweets which are kept in a calabash.

The lady at the reception then told us about their way of greeting at the beach resort which is different for both men and women. It’s an old school Yoruba way of greeting.

I liked the little knick knacks they had around. Old school and African.

They also won an award last year.

Say hi to my new friend, he’s in front of the reception.

After we signed our names in the book and took our sweets, off we went to explore. The lady from the reception came with us and gave us a brief summary.

The friendly lion. 🙂

Our guides were Abigail & Precious. Make sure to ask of them when you get there. Delightful ladies. They went with us for a little while and told us a couple of stories and tidbits about the place.

For instance, if you come through the lagoon, you are welcomed with palm wine and African snacks (definitely going to come in through the lagoon next time so I can have that *coughs*). Their chalets are divided into 7 villages depending on the features. One of their villages is called anago village. This is because back in the day, when fishermen were tired, they would say ‘je ka lo na go’ which is yoruba for ‘lets go and rest’. Like I said earlier, everything is linked with traditional African ways.

Another thing she told us is there are talking drums in front of each chalet. Before a guest enters, they drum on it to ward of ‘spirits’. Also the talking drum serves as a bell. So if the occupants of the chalet do not want to be disturbed, they take the drum inside. Kind of like a do not disturb sign in hotels.

A selection of their accommodation. They are named according to styles and villages. Some are duplexes, maisonettes etc. You can see more on their accommodation here.

Can you see the talking drum in front of the door I spoke about earlier?

The palm trees were amazing, and I found some swings, trust that I went on them.

Honestly don’t the palm trees just make it look so serene and peaceful.

Anyway so we carried on being wanderlust and saw that they have a couple of sports and if you want to work out, that’s fine too.. Basket ball, badminton, even a swimming  pool. So while you’re there, I’m almost sure you’ll find something to do. They also have a football pitch but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.

Someone please ask the WNBA to come and sign me.

They have water sports too, but you have to pay N500 (2 GBP/$3) for each sport.

Along the way, I saw one of the ladies who works there, and I proceeded to greet her the way women greet at the resort.

One thing I really like about this place is there’s something for everyone. If you have kids, they have a play centre for them.

I started walking around randomly and just took pictures of different things I saw. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take a funny picture.

How cool is the turtle shaped seat?

They have horses for riders who are interested.

Don’t you just love how they played with the word ‘Yoruba’ here?

A mama putt is a local eatery/bukka.  I have mentioned them before in previous posts.

These geese, I was trying to take a picture and they chased me away. Like actually ran after me and I fled. Everyone ;laughed at me. I hear some people use them as security in their homes as they are very loud and make a huge fuss.

I found a hall that people sometimes use. I hear that they have a lot of companies who use them for retreats. From telecommunications to churches. You’ll find a list on their website. And these were in a hall. They stuck with the African theme.

They have hammocks, if you prefer to just lie in one.

They have changing rooms available too.

It costs N4000 (14 GBP/$22) to get in and I think that’s decent, cause you can do anything for as long as you want. Just don’t do anything illegal.

It can be found at Ikegun, Ibeju-Lekki Local Govt, off Lekki/Epe Expressway.

Phone nos – +2347045612369, +2347045612367

email –,

For more info, you can visit their website

Photo shoots are not allowed except you have permission, and prices for staying over will be given if asked.

You should definitely check it out. And if you’ve been there, what did you think?

Ps sorry for the picture overload, but I hope you enjoyed them.

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