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The Black Travel Experience : Immigration is not fun when you have a Nigerian Passport.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The Black Travel Experience : Just like the name implies, we speak to various black people about their travel experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly (if any). No two travelers can be the same so just because it doesn't sound like your own story doesn't invalidate anyone's experience.

P.S whenever Africans also travel, we're seen as black even if some may not want to be identified that way but alas, it's the reality.


Today's guest is a long time friend of the site Amarachi. She's Nigerian and when she's not putting her head down at her 9-5, she can be found discovering new places both home and abroad. She runs 'Travel With A Pen' where she shares her stories and helpful tips before you embark on your adventures.

All smiles at Jara beach resort

What’s your earliest memory of travel?

My earliest memory of travel has to be the first time we moved from Ondo State, where I was born to Edo State in Nigeria. I don’t exactly remember the journey itself, I just remember realizing one day, that I was in a different place and people spoke differently. I also remember being excited to pick up Pidgin English although my dad discouraged us from speaking it in the house.

The earliest trip I remember in detail has to be my road trip to Jos. I went with ABC transport and it was ridiculously long but I enjoyed every minute of it! I think I was just fascinated that you could watch TV in a bus!

At what exact moment or experience ignited your love for travel?

My family moved around a lot when I was younger – my dad got transferred to a different state every 2 years. I think it was in those moments, when my dad would announce these moves to us that I began to get excited about travelling. We would also make trips down to the East to see family and just the experience of meeting and spending time with my cousins was enough to ignite the love for travel.

How many countries (or cities in the country you live in) have you been to?

So far, I have been to 20 countries as at my last count and in Nigeria, I have visited 23 states and several cities within those states.

What’s your favorite country so far and why?

This has always been a tough question for me to answer but if I had to narrow down to three, I would say, Benin Republic, Morocco and Italy. Benin Republic, because I live in Lagos and it is such a quick, cheap and easy getaway. I also met my husband (Mark) on my first visit to the country – so of course, it has a special place in my heart.

Morocco was just magical! There, I saw it snow for the first time, spent a night camping in the Sahara Desert, wandered through souks and blue colored alleys. It was wonderful! And finally, Italy is such a gorgeous country. The food, the language, the streets, everything is just so beautiful and whimsical.

Sahara Desert vibes

I’ve enjoyed spending time in all the countries I have visited though. I have pleasant memories from every single one of them.

How does travel make you feel?

Excited, Empowered and Appreciative. I remember taking my first solo trip as a shy, introverted, timid young lady and coming out of that experience emboldened, more confident and enlightened. That trip really did change my life and each time I travel, I gain something new.